Kollam Pooram

Kollam Pooram is a ten-day festival that is held in the month of April. Kollam Pooram is one of the most colorful festivals celebrated in the city. The festivities of Kollam Pooram include a huge procession. People from the different parts of the district of Kollam come to join in the procession.

Kollam Pooram is related to the annual festival of Asramam Sri Krishnaswamy. The festivities of Kollam Pooram begin with the Pooram Ezhunallippu ritual, which is followed by the feeding of elephants. In fact, the Kollam Pooram festival in Kollam is characterized by a number of rituals such as Ezhunallippu ritual, Araattu Ezhunallippu and Kudamattom ritual. 30 elephants take part for the Kudamattom ritual. Following the tradition of the festival of Kollam Puram, these 30 elephants are divided into 2 equal groups. Each of the groups is considered as the representatives of the Puthiyakavu Bhagawathy Temple team and the Thamarakulam Sri Mahaganapathy Temple team.

The festivities of Kollam Pooram end with bursting of fire crackers. People from all age groups come together to celebrate the festival, which is marked with revelry and merriment. The ganamela is another significant feature of the Kollam Pooram festival. The ganamela is a cultural program in which the renowned singers of Kerala take part. Few of the renowned singers to have taken part in this festival include Shabnam and Sreenivasan.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011