Ashtami Rohini Festival

Ashtami Rohini festival in Kollam is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Lord Krishna. Ashtami Rohini festival, celebrated as Krishna Janmastami in North India, is observed during the Rohini Nakshtra in Kollam. It is held in the month of August-September.

During the Ashtami Rohini Festival at Kollam, the Krishna temples are beautified with oil lamps. A large number of devotees of Lord Krishna come to the Krishna temples during the festival to see the Lord adorned with jewels. In the Ashtami Rohini festival of Kollam, the devotees of Lord Krishna observe a fast for the whole day.

At mid-night, when Lord Krishna's birth is said to have taken place, the Namboothiri women keep themselves awake. This period is marked with a lot of festivities and merriment. Kaikottikkali is performed by the girls in accompaniment of beautiful songs.

The prayer is offered in the mid-night. The festivities of Ashtami Rohini continue till the early hours of morning. Two of the main temples in Kollam that organize the festival of Ashtami Rohini are Vadayattukotta Temple and Guruvayur Devaswom. In Vadayattukotta Temple the festive celebration continues for 5 days.

The devotees bring Appam and Palpayasam, which are considered to be the favorite food of Lord Krishna, to the temple during the Ashtami Rohini festival. During the Ashtami Rohini festival in Kollam, the devotees also arrange special feasts at the various temples of Lord Krishna.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011