Kollam Music

Kollam music is an integral part of Kollam art and culture. Kollam music is essentially traditional folk music that is practiced all over the city. There are different musical forms followed by the tribal groups that dwell in the interiors of Kollam. Few of the popular folk forms in the music of Kollam include Vadakkan Pattukal, Kalyana Pattukal, Thekkan Pattukal and Mappila Pattukal.

Devotional songs or Sopanas are often sung by native devotees who visit the holy shrines of Kollam. One of the famous classical forms of music in Kollam is `Sopanasangitam'. This musical form of Kollam was mainly meant to be sung in the temples of Kerala. Carnatic music is the richest genre of music practiced by prominent musicians of Kollam. It is largely practiced in the state of Kerala where it has gained great popularity. Some songs in the form of lullabies are very soothing to the ears and are famed all across the state of Kollam. The light music used in the Malayalam cinema is gaining popularity in Kollam.

Few of the instruments widely used in Kollam to accompany the songs include Dolak, Mridangam, Chenda, Udukku, Edakka, Timila, Takil, Kuzhal, Nadaswaram, Mukhaveena, Kombu, Tamburu, Veena, Swarabi, Sarangi and Violin.

Paravoor K.C. Kesava Pillai, one of the famous composers of Malayalam songs is from Kollam. He was not only a composer but also played a pivotal role in the origin of musical play in Malayalam.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011