Jawahar Sagar Dam

Built in the yaer of 1972, Jawahar Sagar Dam is part of the chain of dams constructed under the Chambal Valley Project. Erected over the mighty River Chambal, Jawahar Sagar Dam is an important multipurpose dam of the region of Kota that serves several important functions.

Situated at a short distance of 29 km upstream and 26 km downstream from the Kota city and Rana Pratap Sagar Dam respectively, Jawahar Sagar Dam produces total power of 60 MW from the 3 units of 33 MW each. Apart from being a major source of producing power and electricity, Jawahar Sagar Dam releases excess water during times of natural calamities of drought. The excess water is used for agricultural and drinking purposes by the local inhabitants of the city of Kota and the neighbouring areas.

Made up of concrete, Jawahar Sagar Dam has a height of 45 meters and is spread over 393 meters. Jawahar Sagar Dam has a catchment area of 27, 195 km ² and provides relief to the people of the area during times of severe water shortage. The Jawahar Sagar Dam is an important hallmark of the state of Rajasthan which plays various roles.

Apart from serving the local inhabitants with water, Jawahar Sagar Dam draws several visitors who are enchanted and enthralled with the engineering marvel of the modern times. Jawahar Sagar Dam offers the tourists with unique opportunities to enjoy boating in the fast flowing water of the Dam. The dam is also a major source for Pisciculture.

Last Updated on December 07, 2011