Weather of Kota

Weather of Kota in Rajasthan comprises of a pleasant combination of chilly and warm climatic conditions. Situated near the east bank of Chambal River, Kota presents a perfect weather which is quite beneficial to the agriculture industry of the place.

The general weather condition of Kota fluctuates with the seasonal variations. In the summer season, minimum temperature of Kota comes down to 27.3 degree Celsius while the maximum temperature goes upto 42.2 degree Celsius. Inspite of the maximum temperature, the summer months in Kota are not that intolerable and tourists are found exploring the historic and natural pleasures of the place.

During the winter months, the maximum temperature in Kota is around 27.5 degree Celsius whereas the minimum temperature can slide down to as low as 9.5 degree Celsius. Those who plan to travel to every nook and corner of Kota, for them the winter season is just too perfect. The tourists start flocking in Kota from September and the trend continues till the end of March.

The weather statistics of Kota shows that the place receives an average of 885.6 mm of rainfall ever year. This shows that the city of Kota never experiences a hot and humid climate which in most cases deter the foreigners from having a visit to a particular place.

One of the major reasons why tourists from all over the world frequently visit Kota is the nice weather scenario of the place. People who come from other parts of the world are accustomed to a different type of climatic conditions. Kota, to a certain extent, presents such a weather which is suitable for tourists coming from all corners of the globe.

Weather of Kota is definitely one of the biggest factor due to which hundreds and thousands of visitors take a trip to this historic place of Rajasthan.

Last Updated on June 17, 2021