Kota Cuisine

The sprawling Kota city basking prettily along the banks of the Chambal River represents a splendid amalgam of architectural wonders manifested by the majestic palaces and crenelated forts as well as urban industrial estates. Apart from the bustling industries, Kota cuisine is another highlight of the Rajashthan city.

The city that is still alive with telltale signs of the former Rajput gallantry and valor boasts of a delectable platter of gastronomic delights for the true connoisseur of good food. While the palace kitchens prepared a elaborate delicacies, the traditional Kota food too was no less scrumptious. Prepared in a land where water and fresh green vegetables are a luxury and consumed by a warrior race, the quintessential Kota food is devoid of all frills. Dire natural circumstances mandated that the food could be eaten several days after its preparation without being heated and at the same time retain its original flavor.

The dishes prepared usually have a deep red color and exude a rich aroma that is certain to make a gourmand's taste buds water with avarice and temptation. The food however, is not very spicy. Pure and unadulterated ghee is an essential ingredient of majority of the Kota cuisine. Lapsi, a sweetmeat prepared using broken wheat grains, delicately fried in a sweetened lump of ghee is also highly popular.

However the talking point of Kota food is the simple yet delicious combination of the wholesome dal, bati and churma meaning a platter of lentils, wheat balls and cereals. Sweet dishes and desserts are also very popular in the region.

Last Updated on 07 December 2011