Kishore Sagar and Jag Mandir

Rajasthan, the land of the brave Rajputs is famous among the tourists for the exquisite palatial structures that are spread all over the state. The palaces and the forts here stand as the remnants of the rich past of this enigmatic place. Kishore Sagar and Jag Mandir is also one such place in Kota.

Kishore Sagar is a beautiful tank that was artificially constructed by the royal family of this historic place. It is located between the City Palace and the Hotel Chambal of the RTDC. Just in the middle of this picturesque tank on a small island there is the palace of Jagmandir located.

This palace is a majestic structure made of red sand stone. It is said that the Jagmandir of Kota was built by a Maharani of this place in the year of 1740. This elegant palace is best to see in the morning light. It red stone structure appears elegant with its beauty enhanced amidst the cerulean water of the Kishore Sagar.

During the other parts of the day the beauty of this Rajput palace in Kota is can be enjoyed as well. One can also go for boating in the clear blue water of the Kishore Sagar on their trip.

The majestic beauty of the structure of the Jagmandir in Kota is appreciated by tourists from all over the world. The palace is also admired for its rich and fascinating architectural beauty.

Kishore Sagar and Jag Mandir are among the most popular tourist attractions in Kota.

Last Updated on December 07, 2011