Restaurants in Kota

Kota is a sprawling city that lies along the banks of the Chambal River, basking in the glory of its former heritage past and the courage and gallantry of the Rajputs. The city's architecture is also an interesting fusion of majestic palaces and crenelated mansions with towering industrial estates, factories and modern buildings thrown in between. This makes Kota a delightful tourist destination and of course, the restaurants in Kota boast of an enviable menu.

Kota city is a proud owner of some quality restaurants that boast of a fine menu. A majority of the Kota restaurants serve a wholesome and delectable vegetarian platter comprising mainly of the traditional Rajasthani cuisine. Of course, to cater to the diverse taste buds of the myriads of tourists who visit the city, non vegetarian eateries as well as multi cuisine joints are also available.

Kota is a land of the former Rajput Ranas and the Maharajahs. The traces of the former regal splendor are also interspersed in the Kota cuisine. The Kota food, although simple and nutritious is very scrumptious. However the restaurants serve a more elaborate spread for the true connoisseur of quality food.

It is an universal fact that food which looks good and is aesthetically garnished automatically invigorate the appetite. The chefs from Kota have perfected the art of serving food that is not only appealing to the eye and that leaves the guests licking their fingers long after the last morsel of food has been polished, but the very wafts of the fragrant aroma of the diligently prepared dishes make the taste buds water.

For further information on restaurants in Kota, contact:

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Shopping Centre

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Jhalawar Road

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Jhalawar Road

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Near Palace

RTDC Hotel Chambal

Maheshwari Restaurant
Maheshwari Restaurant, Nayapura

New Maheshwari Restaurant
Chawani Chauraha

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Lakhi Burj

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Civil Lines

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Jhalawar Road

Last Updated on December 07, 2011