Haveli of Devtaji

In the beautiful Indian city of Kota there are various religious spots, forts and palaces that attract tourists from all over the country. Most of these places are well known for their marvelous architectural beauty. The Haveli of Devtaji is not merely a splendid palace, the place is also interesting for its major historical significance.

Like most of the other enigmatic palatial buildings in the Indian state of Rajasthan, the Haveli of Devtaji in Kota stand as a witness to the rich Rajput past of the region. The beauty of this palace lies mainly in the fantastic murals. These frescoes display the remnants of the splendid tradition of which the palace was an important part.

One of the major characteristic feature of the Rajput palaces is the presence of a large number of rooms. The Haveli of Devtaji is no exception to this. The walls of all the rooms of this Haveli of Kota are decorated with splendid paintings.

These paintings in the Haveli of Devtaji make the visitors get a glimpse of the ancient glory of the land of the brave Rajput rulers.

Last Updated on December 07, 2011