Manali Climate

Manali climate is considered to be pleasant all round the year. This hill station has its own beauty that are unique to the season. While the summers in Manali are soothing, it is during the winter months that one will find the hill station appearing to be most ravishing.

Spring arrives in Manali sometime around the month of March. It is during this time of the year that this hill town appears to be most colorful. A visitor will find various colorful fruits and flowers that are typical to this region during the springtime. With multicolored butterflies all around the spring in Manali has a rejuvenating effect on everyone around.

Summer is the time when most of the tourists visit this place. The summers in Manali arrive generally n the month of May and lasts through June. The maximum summer temperature in Manali is generally around twenty six degrees centigrade.

Monsoons arrive in Manali by the end of the month of June. The region is adorned with various shades of green during this season. This the trekkers' season in Manali. It continues till the end of the month of August. Various global tourists also visit this place during the monsoons.

After the colorful celebration of Dussehra there arrives the winter. Winters in Manali are extremely cold. But the snowcapped peaks all around make this town appear stunning.

Being in Manali during the months of September and October can be also be very pleasing. For the Manali climate during the autumn months also promise an exotic treat for the visitor's eyes.

Last Updated on 14 June 2011