Tourist Destinations Near Kullu Manali

Markets in Manali

Markets in Manali

Markets in Manali are the best places, which provide the tourists with the whole range of options of the traditional artifacts and handicrafts of the region. These markets will surely enchant the tour-ists with the variety of wonderful handicraft items that carry the essence of the land of Manali. The marketplaces in Manali are stuffed with different kinds of articles that anybody would love to buy.

The most famous shops in Manali are mostly located in the Tibetan Bazaar that is at the far south of the town of Manali. The marketplace Tibetan Bazaar is very colorful, which attracts the tourists. The most popular and admired of all stuffs found in the exotic market of Manali are:

  • Kullu Shawls
  • Kullu Caps
  • Kullu Sweaters
  • Thangkas that are Buddhist paintings on pieces of cloth
  • Prayer wheels
  • Musical instruments
  • Masks
  • Silver jewellery
  • Turquoise jewellery
  • Amulets
  • Dorjes, which are thunderbolts

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Apart from the Tibetian Bazaar, there are numerous other shopping places in the land of Manali like:
  • Gadan Thekchokling Gompa- popular for the rugs and handicrafts
  • New Shopping Centre, which is also known as the NAC Market
  • Tibetan Carpets Centre-famous for carpets
  • Charitable Trust Tibetan Handicrafts, which is run by Government
  • Kullu/Kashmir Shawl Emporium- an emporium run by the local women
  • Bhutico - it has a good collection of shawls
  • Himachal Handicrafts- also famous for shawls
While talking about the markets in Manali, a particular shop in the Mall needs a special mention. This shop sells nothing else other than natural or herbal oils for shampoo and massage.

Last Updated on 15 June 2011