Manali Temples

Reflecting the bliss of ancient Gods and goddesses, Manali Temples stands tall on the religious contours of the place. The myths of Manali associate this beautiful tourist locale with many old saints like Vashishtha and Manu. It is believed that Manali had been the abode of spiritual satisfaction many centuries back. The temples of Manali still bear the imprint of that very contentment and strong devotion.

The Hadimba Devi Temple of Manali is a supreme symbol of the religious heritage of the place. Constructed in 1553 AD, Hadiimba Devi temple is enshrined with an idol of Hadimba which was made following the pagoda style. The local myths surrounding the temple speaks of the arrival of Pandavas in the region when Bhim - one of Pandav brothers - married Hadimba by killing her brother Hadimb. From a very early age, the temple of Hadimba Devi is a sacred premises of Manali where the local people come offer prayers to the feet of the presiding deity.

Vashistha temple of Manali houses the sculpture of the great saint who had been dressed in dhoti, white shawl and a cap. The temple is known to be 400 years old and is visited by local devotees on a regular basis. The architecture of the Vashistha temple in Manali shows the influence of the Pahari motifs.

The Manu Rishi Temple of Manali is yet another fascinating shrine which had been made to pay respect to the oldest of human creators. There are five storeys in this temple of Manali which were erected by following the Pagoda architecture.

Manali Temples symbolize the core faith and traditional beliefs of the local people who visit the shrines to gather the blessings of the almighty.

Last Updated on 14 June 2011