Manali Heritage

Manali Heritage speaks of the past grandeur of this scenic tourist destination of Himachal Pradesh. The heritage of Manali includes a long and eventful series of time phases. The name Manali came from the great Manu Rishi. This ancient saint appeared in the land of Manali many decades back and ever after his arrival the place obtained the name of Manali.

The historic saga of Manali tells an enticing tale of the bygone era. It is said that the name Manali indicates the haven of Manu who appeared in the place as a savior of human life after a devastating flood.

There are several evidences in Manali that ratifies the rich heritage of the place. Involving the cultural, social and historic aspects, the heritage of Manali presents a comprehensive detail of the charismatic past of the place. On the one hand the temples of Manali shows the age-old religious heritage of the place. On the other hand, the festivals and rituals of Manali states the social traditions of the area.

The palaces of Manali established by the ancient rulers expresses the majestic architectural heritage of this touristy location of Himachal Pradesh. Inhabited by the aristocratic kings, the Manali castles still have the imprints of the regal lifestyle.

As a tourist destination Manali has a distinct identity in India. Located amidst the grand Himalayan ranges Manali seems to be an abode of peace. The various enchanting spots in and around Manali are truly breathtaking. Adding boost to the tourism landscape of Manali is its heritage which has provided the place a respectable position in the map of India.

Manali Heritage as a whole spells the magic of the past centuries through its authentic and interesting events.

Last Updated on 14 June 2011