Manali Tourist Seasons

Tourist seasons in Manali typically are energetic and the scenic hill station witnesses the arrival of both domestic and overseas travelers in the area. Tourists from different parts of the globe visit Manali to travel around its mysterious appeal. During peak seasons, Manali experiences the arrival of record number of tourists since it is a wonderful traveler spot in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

According to many tourists, the most suitable season to trip Manali is the summer season. However, the season of winter draws travelers who prefer to see snow-covered peaks.

Manali Weather: An Overview

The tourist seasons in Manali can be broadly categorized into Summer, Monsoon, and Winter.

Summer in Manali

Summer in the hill station starts at the close of March. It continues till July. The highest temperature registered in the summertime in the area is 24'C. However, during nighttime, the mercury goes down to as low as 14'C. Light cotton garments and woolen apparel are therefore recommended at the time of thinking about a trip to Manali during summer. Travelers take part in adventure sports like rafting, paragliding, mountain sports and zorbing.

Monsoon in Manali

In Manali, the monsoon begins from the month of July and continues till the close of September. Visiting Manali at the time of monsoon can turn out to be tough. However, some travelers prefer the season of monsoon as the ideal occasion to trek. The season for trekking commences from the beginning of July and continues till the close of August.

Winter in Manali

Winter time is very cold in the area and the highest average temperature registered in this period is 2'C. The season of winter begins from October and continues till the close of the month of February. The entire place is covered by snow at the time of the winter months. Visitors are advised to take heavy woolen attire when they are tripping the hill station at the time of winter to avoid the freezing cool climate.

During the months of October to March, the temperature of the place can drop under -05' C. The coolest months in Manali are December, January and February. For the remaining part of the year, the lowest temperature remains between 15'-20' C.

About Manali Tourist Seasons

The weather conditions of this hill station present an enjoyable sense to the travelers. The months of April to June and October to December are considered as the most suitable occasion for touring Manali.

During these periods, the climate of Manali continues to be in a reasonable condition. Other than being a wintry and cool place, in the autumn months, Manali is an ideal spot to make the most of one's holiday.

Snowfall and landslip take place in the picturesque hill station of Manali during the winter months. In the summer months, the place features relatively calm climate which is ideal for sightseeing tours. It has been seen that travelers are targeting the tranquil attraction of Manali mostly during the summer months. Nonetheless, the travelers who have a zeal for adventure sports can also come to Manali during the winter months.

At the time of the principal tourist seasons, the hotels in the hill station and the tour operators in Manali come up with attractive packages to grow tourism in the place. The tour operators offer substantial discounts on accommodation rates along with discount on trip packages. As a whole, the tourist season in Manali offers plenty of advantages to the travelers. This is the reason why countless visitors prefer Manali at the time of the peak season.

Manali Tourist Seasons provide outstanding opportunities to the visitors to explore the remarkable sensation of the area within a reasonable price.

What you should wear while touring Manali

During the winter months, the mercury can go down to less than 0'C and this time you will require heavy woolen garments. At the same time, temperature during the summer months is comfortable and cottons or light woolen garments are suggested. If you travel in winter, gloves and scarves are a must.

Last Updated on 03 April 2012