Mangaluru (Mangalore) Industries

Mangalore industries are playing a significant role in the economy of the city. Earlier there used to be industries related to agriculture and agricultural products such as cashew industry, coffee industry, etc.
But now a days, the South Indian city has seen the growth of other industries such as leaf spring industry, other automobile industry, power industry, etc.

At present, the main industries of Mangalore who have been contributing the highest revenue to the state treasury and are the key players of the Mangalore economy are as follows:

  • Mangalore Power Company
  • Mangalore Refineries and Chemicals Limited
  • Kudremukh Iron Ore Industries
  • Canara Springs Limited
  • Mangalore Chemical Fertilizers Limited
  • Lamina Suspensions Limited

    The presence of the above listed industries has changed the whole economical scenario of the Mangalore city. All these industries are generating revenue in crores. Most of them have their assets valued in thousand crores. Another positive impact of the growth of these industries at Mangalore is the increase in employment opportunities.

    The industries in Mangalore, which are in the development phase, are the dry fruits industry, construction industry, mining industry and service industry. Another industry, which has revolutionized the economy of Mangalore, is the Information Technology (IT) industry.

    With the arrival of giants such as Infosys, many other technology companies have already planned to utilize the land and its resources. Apart from these companies, some companies from service industries such as banks some financial institutions have also opened their branches in Mangalore. Hence, one can say that the Mangalore industries are indicating the prospective future.

    Last Updated on 21 September 2011