Infosys, Mangalore

Infosys, Mangalore is one of the important branches of Infosys in the subcontinent of India. This office has been set up by the authorities of the company to further expand the scope of Infosys.

The Mangalore center of Infosys started operation with only 20 people. It was set up on the 8th of September in the year of 1995. Today, this Infosys office of Mangalore has expanded a lot and has shown tremendous progress from its initial days.

Today, the center of Infosys at Mangalore boasts of as many as 1,600 employees. The total number of clients of this branch of Infosys is more than 42. The clientele of this company spans across a number of countries like the United States of America and as well as different places of Asia Pacific.

Mr S. Gopalakrishnan, the person who holds the position of Deputy Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of the company of Infosys Technologies, has boasted up the employees of the office on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the branch. He has said that the Bangalore branch is a part of the initiative of the Infosys Company to expand it further in the prominent cities of India.

The Infosys office in Mangalore is situated at Kuloor Ferry Road in the place called Kottara in Mangalore. The center of Infosys, Mangalore shows a lot of promise in the field of Information Technology. It has the potential to develop the software industry in the city of Mangalore and transform it into a good competitor of Bangalore.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011