What are the types of scissors and their uses?

There are so many types of scissors available for every need. However, numerous industries found that if they changed the design of some ordinary scissors, they could work even faster, more accessible, and more accurately.

A perfect pair of scissors are available for almost every task that can require you to use one, and it’s good to know which type of scissor is used to make your life easier and make the results better.

Let’s have a look at various types of scissors:

1) Standard Scissors

It is the most common type of scissors that you can find in your home and offices.

This scissor is simple with sharp and straight blades that can work well. 

If you are using the standard scissors on simple materials, you don’t have to work too hard to keep the blades sharp or put more pressure while cutting. Ordinary scissors are used for paper cutting, cloth cutting, strings, and other common household materials. They are even available in a small size style which children can use. These scissors are primarily found in schools for craft purposes.

2) Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery scissors are a particular kind of scissors created to cut the cloth while making it. These scissors are small, light and delicate and look the same as the medical scissors.

The blades of embroidery scissors can slide in between the threads quite flexibly because of their pointed edges. Therefore, this scissor can be most useful when separating the threads for a cut.

Embroidery scissors are primarily used in hand sewing because their ability increases when you bind them to a ribbon and dangle them around your neck so that you don’t have to keep searching for them.

3) General Craft Scissors

General craft scissors are the most common types available in the market. 

The scissors are made for people who like art and craft. General craft scissors mostly look like the standard scissors, but they’re pretty cheap and can easily be found. These scissors are rough and work very well.

General craft scissors are not available in the most durable variety. However, you can find plenty of general craft scissors in the art and craft rooms. 

These general craft scissors are used to open the cans of paint and cut jewellery wires. You can also extemporize and use these scissors to cut the clay without caring about the damage.

4) Decorative Scissors

Decorative scissors are made up of different shapes of blades so that the cuts make some patterns.

Decorative scissors are great for cutting the papers in patterns, whether in a wavy touch or bubble edges. The decorative scissors have handles made from plastic and a small blade made of metal for convenience. As a result, they significantly increase efficiency and consume less time while doing small artwork.

It’s essential to keep the blades sharp, but these scissors hardly become dull from standard and simple cuts on the materials they are designed for. Just use them right, and they can be available for decades.