Landmark Judgements By The Allahabad High Court

Allahabad Court

Allahabad CourtThe Allahabad High Court has been involved in making some very important landmark judgements. The court has always been praised for protecting democracy as well as establishing the rule of law.

Here are the few landmark judgements by the Allahabad High Court:

The Indira Gandhi Verdict

Erstwhile Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi had won the parliamentary elections in the year 1971 from the Rai Bareilly constituency. She defeated the socialist leader Raj Narain who in turn challenged Indira Gandhi’s election on the grounds that there were electoral malpractices as well as a violation of the Representation of People Act, 1951.

Adjudicated by the Allahabad High Court on June 12, 1975, a single-judge bench with Justice Jagmohanlal Sinha found Indira Gandhi guilty of all charges and declared her election invalid. She was also barred from holding any electoral post following the verdict and debarred from contesting elections for six years. The Supreme Court proceeded to stay the verdict. However, later the Apex court overturned the verdict.

The Babri Masjid- Ram Janmabhoomi Judgement

The hearing for the Babri judgement went on for six years when a special full bench of the Allahabad High Court decided that the land where the Mughal era mosque stood for 500 years before being demolished should be divided into three  parts among the contesting parties, namely, Ram Lalla, the Nirmohi Akhara and the Waqf Board. The verdict also went on to accept that the land under the central dome of the demolished mosque was, in fact, the birthplace of Lord Ram as per the Hindu faith. The matter is still pending before the Supreme Court.

The Ban on Cast Rallies

The Allahabad High Court also delivered the landmark judgment of banning caste-based rallies in Uttar Pradesh, in July 2013. Notices regarding the same were issued to the Election Commission, all the political parties and to the Centre. The bench observed caste-based rallies are against the spirit of the constitution. The ruling came immediately after BSP and SP, two leading political parties of UP, held caste-based rallies.

Government Babus to Send Their Children to Government Schools

The Allahabad High Court turned a reformer when in August 2015, it ordered all government babus to send their children to government schools. The ruling was given after the court observed the pathetic condition of government schools. The bench observed that there would be an improvement in the shabby state of the schools only if the babus sent their own children there.

The Ruling On Triple Talaq

In 2017, Allahabad High Court passed the landmark judgement of making the practice of Triple Talaq unconstitutional. The verdict was given by a single-judge bench presided over by Justice Suneet Kumar who observed that the practice was not only cruel but also demeaning.