Hair Oil vs Hair Serum

Hair Oil vs Hair Serum
A simple guide to the benefits of hair oil and hair serum.
Hair Oil vs Hair Serum
A simple guide to the benefits of hair oil and hair serum.

Although the words hair oil and hair serum are often used by consumers, and sometimes even by the professionals, interchangeably, not many of us know, or can tell the difference to distinguish between the two. However, both of them are distinctive in their own ways, which makes each of them good for entirely different purposes. So, often the question arises -what to use, and when? To settle this confusion in your mind, we have brought for you the clear-cut distinction between the two. Read on the article, to get the hair of your choice.

Benefits of Applying Hair Oil:

  • Nourishes Hair Naturally

The major advantage of using natural hair oil is that it is the least processed oil which is available to us in a packed form. Enriched with the goodness of vitamins and other important micro-nutrients, hair oil acts as a food for the growth of healthy, shiny and glossy hair.

  • Revitalizes Your Hair Tissues

A major benefit of hair oil massage is that it penetrates deeply into the skin. No matter how expensive or branded shampoo-conditioner you use, they can never match up to the way hair oil revitalizes the skin tissue to improve the texture of your hair.

  • Reduces Hair Fall

Hair oils do a commendable job by fighting hair fall and aiding hair regrowth. So, if you are facing hair thinning or hair loss related issues, then regular massage with hair oil will end all your hair related problems.

  • Controls Frizz

Application of hair oil is the best way to tame frizziness. If your hair seems to be frizzy and out of control, then drizzle some drops of oil on your palms and swiftly run your hands through the hair to settle the frizz. This will also give you well nourished and bouncy hair.

  • Improves the Blood Circulation of the Scalp

Hair oil massage will surely help you to boost the blood circulation in your scalp. However, you must ensure that the oil is spread evenly throughout your scalp, so that essential nutrients percolate deep inside your hair roots.

Hair Serum and Its Benefits:

On a daily basis, most of us come across various featured ads and products that promise to immediately transform our dull, dry hair into beautiful thick, long and shiny mane. Due to our hectic and fast-paced schedules, we choose the options that will provide us instant results. Hair serums are designed with this purpose in mind, in the form of a liquid that is usually made up of silicon based content, ceramides and amino acids.

Some advantages of a hair serum are:

  • Prevents Fungal Infection

Application of hair serum will surely keep your scalp dry, and protect it from fungal infection by preventing dandruff.

  • Adds Shine

Besides serum’s ability to prevent fungal infection, it will also impart shine and lustre to your hair. In order to achieve the desired result, application of a good hair serum once you finish your shampoo will provide luxurious nourishment to your hair.

  • Softens Your Strands

When hair becomes dry and damaged, and feels brittle to the touch, nobody likes to run their fingers through it. Applying a little quantity of hair serum could bring back life to your hair, leaving your mane soft and supple.

Now, the real question that arises is – what should we use and when? So, to solve your problem we are offering a solution. The following comparison will surely help you decide which one to use and when.

Hair Serum (Benefits) Hair Oil (Benefits)
Shiny, smooth and healthier strands Helps in detangling hair
Protects your hair from forceful brushing Controls frizz and adds strength and volume
Shields from pollution Helps you to camouflage split ends
Acts as an agent that protects from prolonged sun exposure Soothes and hydrates each individual strand of your hair
How to Apply: Hair serum can be applied on freshly washed, damp or wet hair. You can simply flip your hair and rub the serum from the tip to the root, specifically concentrating on the ends. How to Apply: Make sure that the oil you are applying must be evenly distributed and it must be applied away from the roots, mid-shaft downwards to the very end of the hair tip. And if you have coarser, thicker locks, then a few more drops of oil in your hair will show you best results.

So, this summer, follow the above guidelines to flaunt a hairstyle of your choice, sans any tension or worry. Those bouncy, beautiful and well nourished hair are waiting for you. Just a little care and you can achieve the desired results.

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