Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

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Skincare. (Representative Image)

Following a skincare routine is very important and beneficial to get that perfect skin that will make you smile every time.

The very first step to begin a skincare routine is to know your skin type. There are four skin types: Dry, Oily, Normal, and Combination. It is crucial to identify your skin type to use products according to what your skin needs. It would help if you visited a dermatologist to better know about your skin.

Here are a few tips to start with a skincare routine ideal for dry skin:

  • Please keep it simple, to begin with
  • Never forget to use a sun protection cream/gel during day time
  • Drink lots of water (This keeps the body as well as the skin hydrated)
  • Do not go to sleep with your makeup on
  • Try to use products of a single brand
  • Stay consistent with the routine and keep patience for the results
  • Stop using certain products if it causes any irritation or problem
  • Remember to wash your face after returning home from outside

For beginners, it is best to keep the daily routine simple. It will help you analyze the results and make them into a habit. Then, you can add products, and you can modify the routine after a while.

  1. The first step is a Cleanser. A cleanser is used to clean your face; it removes all the dirt, pollution, and bacteria absorbed in the face. It is advised to clean the face using a cleanser twice a day- once in the morning and once during the night before bed. You should never skip this step because it is vital to cleanse out all the dirt and impurities.
  2. Next comes Toner. A toner is used to keep your skin hydrated. Dehydration is a major concern for dry skin, and using a water-based toner will keep your skin hydrated and lock in the hydration for the entire day.
  3. The third step is a Moisturizer. Using a moisturizer is necessary. It helps keep the skin hold its water properties, also keeps it smooth. Individuals with dry skin must use hydrating moisturizer. Moisturizers with ingredients Vitamin C or Hyaluronic acid are ideal for dry skin.
  4. The next step is Sunscreen. It is essential to use sunscreen whenever heading out during the daytime. The SPF will protect the skin from sun damage.
  5. You can use a Scrub/Exfoliator once a week for deep cleansing. Scrubs or exfoliators deeply clean and nourish the skin. Ingredients such as apricots, papaya, and charcoal are very beneficial for deeply cleaning the skin. But do not be harsh on your skin. Avoid using an exfoliator more than thrice a week.

This is a simple guideline that should be considered when planning to start a skincare routine. Remember to consult a dermatologist for the best advice. Follow the tips provided above and be consistent with the routine for best results. Also, remember that the results will be different for every individual.