Top 14 Unique Karva Chauth Gift Ideas

Karwa Chauth Gifts Ideas for Wife

A gift to someone special should always be something that can be treasured throughout his or her life. It is not the gift but the thought that counts. Now that Karva Chauth, the most awaited festival for married women is approaching, husbands are facing pressure. What gifts should they give to their wives? Jewellery, sarees, salwar suits, dress materials, gadgets, chocolates, flowers, or taking their wives out to a movie or dinner? The list is endless. But, these have become very common gifts nowadays. Let us be slightly different from this Karva Chauth.

Karwa Chauth Gifts Ideas

The following are the unique Karva Chauth gift ideas for husbands to give to their beloved wives and pamper them on this special occasion.

1. Kindle: If your wife loves to read books, why not present her with a Kindle, a dedicated e-reader? In a kindle, books can be read without any interruption and it comes with in-built features like a dictionary, highlighting and more. The touch screen feature, along with a glare-free screen, makes for a comfortable read. It is just like reading a normal newspaper. Your wife can carry it anywhere she wants to as it is light in weight, and can read books of her choice in sunlight as well as in her living room. For those wives who were once voracious readers and have now no time to read because of daily household chores, this gift will definitely compel them to start their hobby of reading books once again. What’s best? The Amazon India festive sale is on and you might find some amazing discounts on the latest Kindle devices.

2. Photo Collage: Take some time out to find those old photographs of your wife when she was a child, a college student, a wife, a mother; and then some others that are your favourites – from your courtship period, travel, special occasions, and with kids. Now make a large photo collage. A very thoughtful and fun gift idea capturing all your favourite memories of your wife is certain to make her cry out with joy. And trust me, this is something which will last forever.

3. Digital Photo Frame: In a similar way, you can go one step ahead by presenting a digital photo frame, where all memories from the past can be brought to life digitally. Your wife too will definitely feel out of this world when she sees her wonderful memories displayed on a screen in a sequence like a slideshow. The best part is that in a digital photo frame, you can keep on uploading new images, thereby making all events memorable.

4. Air fryer: There is no denying the fact that wives are very conscious about their husbands’ health. Many a time, you would have noticed how your wife sincerely works in the kitchen to prepare a delicious less oil diet for you. On this Karva Chauth, why not gift her an air fryer? She will definitely thank you for this wonderful gift as it will not only make her kitchen chores easier but also make her feel happy and satisfied for ensuring a healthy life for you and your entire family.

5. iPod and Mp3 players with songs: Gifting an iPod or an Mp3 player is common. But gifting an iPod or Mp3 with all her favourite songs and music in it is very uncommon. Just imagine the situation in which you gift an iPod and ask her to switch it on! Lo and behold, she is listening to her favourite songs! The effort that you will have made in finding out her favourite songs and then getting them downloaded to the iPod or Mp3 counts a lot.

6. Getting a home makeover done: Redecorating your current space can be very special. At a time like this when you are looking to add the brightness of the festival of lights, Diwali, in her life, every effort to make your home look beautiful and exclusive can be rewarding. Why not give her a gift of a complete makeover of your home or maybe just one room, say your bedroom?

7. Dishwasher: of late, this item has become an important popular kitchen utility. Often you would hear your wife complaining about the maid in the house and many times you must have seen your wife cleaning the previous night’s utensils. And if you are a helping husband, you might lend her a helping hand to clean the utensils. A better idea to get rid of this problem is to gift your wife a dishwasher this Karva Chauth. She will love you for it.

8. Health insurance: One of the best gift ideas is to buy your wife medical insurance. Health insurance is a lifetime gift for your wife to ensure timely and effective treatment at the time of any medical emergency. She is after all the backbone and caretaker of the family, the mother of your kids, and your better half.

9. Fitness products: If your wife is a fitness freak but is not getting time to hit the gym, then gift her a treadmill or exercise cycle. You can also gift her a gym membership which will compel her to visit the gym.

10. Spa and beauty salon vouchers: Give her gift vouchers valid for a year or two for an extensive range of beauty treatments and luxurious spa therapies in the best salons nearby. Let your wife pamper herself. Note: she will look all the more beautiful. Neighbours envy the Owner’s pride.

11. YouTube memories: Now that everything is online, why not upload your pleasant memories with your wife on YouTube? You can praise her or express your love towards her on a video and upload it on YouTube. This is the latest trend and your wife will be highly amused to see this romantic side of yours.

12. Tatoo: Sounds filmy, right? But it is painful too to get a tattoo done on your body. Show your love to your wife by getting her name tattooed on any part of your body.

13. Pets: If your wife is a dog lover, you can present her with a cute puppy.

14. Travel voucher: Buy your wife a travel voucher or a holiday package for a favourite destination of hers, valid for 2 or more people, maybe with her close friends, her parents or you. But, let her make the choice of choosing the person with whom she wants to travel.

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