17 High-Protein Snacks that You Can Have “on-the-go”

Grab and Go High Protein Snacks

Grab and Go High Protein Snacks

Hunger pangs! These can surface anytime out-of-the-blue. The very thought of them makes us drool for a sweet or a carbohydrate-loaded treat that will shoot up our blood sugar levels, making our situation, even more, worse than before. To be well-equipped is the best way to face the anytime arousing cravings. Whether you’re snacking after hitting the gym, taking a quick bite while on the go, or simply deal with the 3 pm energy lull, going for a high-protein heavy snack helps us feel fuller for longer hours. Carrying some high-protein snacks with us in our bags to have them while on the go or hoarding them in our desk drawers is an ideal option.

Counting on these 21 yummy, handy, and easy to cook protein snacks will keep you feeling satiated and full of energy all day long.

1. Hard-Boiled Eggs: Eggs are imbued with all the nutrients which human body requires. Hard-boiled eggs make a perfect high-protein snack that can be munched while on the go. Essentially packed with good amounts of protein, it will fend off the worst hunger pangs. To make them more interesting, you can add your favorite veggies and some seasonings to them to make a delicious salad.

2. Cottage cheese: Looking for some creamy yet a healthy snack, then cottage cheese is definitely the best pick. This cheese is full of protein is essential for one’s health. It comes in handy, disposable containers which you can easily carry around with you and enjoy it on the go. You can either pair it with your favorite fruit or eat it plain.

3. Protein bars: As the name suggests, these bars are loaded with proteins and keeps you full for longer. Always go for protein bars that are low in fat and carbohydrates to avoid gaining weight. Keep this snack handy to deal with uninvited hunger pangs!

4. Peanut butter: Peanut butter is one such food that will keep you full for the longer duration. It is high in calories and rich in proteins. Having it with apples not only tastes great but also good for health. You can also spread it on a slice of whole-wheat bread and top it with banana slices.

5. Tuna: This canned fish is high in proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, making it a healthy snack to be relished anytime and anywhere. Packed in a canned tin, it is easy to carry in a bag. Tuna sandwiches are the next best thing made with this fish.

6. Sandwiches: Sandwiches make a well-known lunchbox food, which is not only easy to prepare but is also fulfilling and portable. You can make healthy sandwiches with anything and everything, from vegetables to fruits, from dressings or non-vegetarian foods. Grilling them gives them a completely new dimension in taste and look.

7. Lentil salad: A lentil salad is undoubtedly a great snack to be munched when hunger pangs strike you at any hour of the day. Highly nutritious and a great source of protein, this snack is easy to prepare. Just add your favourite veggies or fruits to it with a pinch of black pepper and rock salt. You can keep it in a small container in your bag and enjoy at any time of the day.

8. Protein Shakes: Most popular amongst the gym-goers, protein shakes is a boost of proteins in your tight packed schedule. If feeling hungry but unwilling to have something solid, then this healthy and filling drink is the one for you. Extremely delicious, it comes in different flavours. You can either make it at home with flavored protein powders or you can buy one from the grocery stores. It is portable and you can simply keep it in your bag to enjoy it anytime.

9. Handful of Almonds: Almonds are not packed with vitamin E but also the good amount of proteins. It serves the purpose of a snack which fills up the protein requirement of your body. So always remember to have a handful of almonds every day.

10. Hummus: Hummus is a healthy source of the protein having the ability to fill up the stomach instantly and fending off one’s hunger. It is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed with any veggies and bread while on the go.

To make this, you need to grind boiled chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini, cumin, and some salt together to make a smooth paste. You can either enjoy it with pita bread or with cucumbers and carrots.

11. Pumpkin Seeds: The tiny pumpkin seeds are packed with a nutritional punch. You can either eat them as raw or can add them to cereals, yogurt, or smoothies. You can add a little extra taste with a pinch of salt or chili powder. Just pack and keep a handful of these seeds in your handbag, and munch them while on the go.

12. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a protein-rich snack which gets prepared in no time. There comes an option of making it sweet or savory. You can either complement it with your preferred veggies or fruits. Next time, make sure you add this one in your tiffin bag to relish it anytime you want.

13. Roasted Chickpeas: Roasted chickpeas is the next best healthy and easy to carry along the snack that is imbued with proteins. You can either bake it in an oven or you can fry it in olive oil to give it a crispy texture. Sprinkle some of your favorite herbs and spices like garlic powder, hing, black pepper, cumin powder, and/or rock salt to make it more delectable.

14 Chocolate milk: If you are getting late for office and there is no time to whisk out an omelette, then chocolate milk if absolutely a portable snack that provides you with the boost of proteins. This one is apparently the easiest on the list, as it requires no preparation whatsoever. You can either prepare it at home in few minutes or buy one from the shop.

15. Toasted Quinoa: Go for this unique way to enjoy the gluten-free quinoa-slightly sweetened, and toasted to crispy perfection. You can pack it in a small container with some yogurt, or eat it by the handful!

16. Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt that comes in a container works as a lifesaver for many of us. Enriched with a high amount of proteins, this snack is extremely convenient to carry along when you’re away from your beloved kitchen. It comes in different flavors, so next time watch out for your favorite flavor!

17. Mixed nuts and fruit: One of the best known and most popular ‘while on the go’ snack for many us is this snack. You just need to add a variety of nuts and dried fruits which are high in protein. Mixing them all together make the best snack that you can munch on throughout the day.

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