Amici Café: Restaurant Review

Address: 47 Middle Lane
Khan Market
New Delhi
(Amici also has outlets in Saket, Defence Colony and Hauz Khas Village)

The nearest Metro station to Khan Market is the Khan Market Metro station which is a ten minutes walk from the main market.

Timings: 11 am to 11 pm

Cuisine: Italian

Cost: Rs.1200 (approx) for two people, without alcohol

Payment Methods: Cash, credit cards and debit cards

I’d begin this review by saying that I am not someone who really relishes pizza, but I can confidently say that pizza at Amici is the closest to authentic Italian pizza you can get, without emptying your pocket at a five star hotel. The reason behind this rich and authentic taste of the pizza is the wood fired oven used at Amici, versus a conventional OTG (oven toaster griller).

The ambience at Amici is casual and retro, with quirky film posters on the walls. The display of desserts, along with tall cookie jars right at the entrance of the restaurant is a great idea and gets your appetite going the minute you enter.  Amici is a great place for a relaxed Sunday lunch, once you’re done wandering the lanes of Khan Market.

The staff at Amici are efficient and responsive and supplied us with water and a menu as soon as we were seated. We decided to start with the Colaba Special Panini Sandwich, which is essentially tuna, coriander, green chilli, lettuce and mayo in brown bread. I was a little skeptical of ordering this, considering not everyone can get a fish sandwich right, but one bite of the Colaba sandwich had me nodding in approval. This sandwich is proof of how relatively simple ingredients when put together right can make all the difference. The sandwich was warm and wholesome and extremely high on flavour, making sure the bread didn’t overpower the rest of the ingredients. I will give them a 9 on 10 for the Colaba Panini Sandwich.

We then proceeded onto the pizza and ordered the Salsicca pizza which was chilli salami, tomato and mozerella on your choice of crust (we chose the thin crust which added a nice crunch to our pizza, without making it feel too heavy on the stomach) and the Blue Mushroom pizza which came with a topping of mushrooms, Gorgonzola cheese, caramelized onions, tomatoes and Mozorella cheese. Worth a mention here are the interesting condiments you are served along with the pizza, my personal favourite being the Chilli Oil, which is a combination of Kashmiri Deggi Mirch and refined oil. I am going to give the Chilli Oil a 10 on 10 for being an extremely flavourful condiment, which adds a delicious spark to your pizza.

The Salsicca pizza came with lightly spiced salami which lent a great flavour to the pizza without being absolutely overpowering. The tomatoes were not lumpy, as they can be when used as a topping on pizza and the Mozerella added to the texture without being chewy and stringy. I would give them a 9 on 10 for the Salsicca Pizza.

The Blue Mushroom pizza was an absolute delight owing to the Gorgonzola cheese, which is an aged blue cheese. Blue cheese is an acquired taste and tends to have an overpowering taste and smell. The Gorgonzola cheese here was used in a manner that it balanced out the slightly sweetish flavour of the caramelized onions perfectly. A 9 on 10 for the Blue Mushroom Pizza.

After the main course we proceeded onto the Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert. Now this is absolute comfort food! The warm apple crumble had the perfect taste and texture one would expect out from such a dish with the vanilla ice cream only adding to the lovely warm and cold experience. Another 9 on 10 for this one.

Will I go back to Amici? I most certainly will!