Lassi – A Healthy And Delectable Summer Cooler

Lassi Recipe

Lassi Recipe

Summers always bring along a feeling of desire to have something cool and refreshing to uplift our mind and souls. There is nothing that can beat a tall glass of cold lassi on a sweltering summer afternoon. Popularly known as the pride and joy of the Punjabi cuisine, lassi is the most loved drink during the summers in Indian households. The scrumptious and yummy taste of lassi will not let anyone say no to this pan-Indian summer favourite. This rich beverage has immense prominence on the streets and in the eateries not just in Northern India, but across the subcontinent during the hot season.

Lassi comes with some miraculous powers that can cool you instantly and is considered as the great summer cooler. Just a sip of this sweet drink, topped with a plentiful dollop of thick cream will make you drool for more after the last drop. Lassi is a good take on the beverages available in the market in summers that are unhealthy for children. The recipe of this delectable drink has evolved from the mighty Punjabi original lassi to many other variants whipped across the country. For those who are experimental, can give a new twist and delicious makeover to the classic lassi by infusing different flavours to it.

Classic-Lassi Recipe

1.Classic Sweet Lassi

Nothing can beat the classic version of any recipe, does it? This classic sweet lassi is easy-to-prepare with just the blending of three ingredients – curd, water, and sugar. The taste of this drink is loved by both the kids and adults alike on a hot summer afternoon. Cream or malai on the top of it will be an add-on to this scrumptiously delicious beverage.



Mint Lassi Recipe2.Mint Lassi

Mint Lassi is an exhilarating summer cooler that appeases your digestive system. It has a very refreshing flavour which helps to beat the summer heat. To prepare this yummy beverage, the thick curd is blended with mint leaves, black salt, cumin powder, and coriander along with some ice cubes. Your delicious mint lassi is ready to be served! For people, who like to have a sweet version of this mint lassi, add some sugar to all the ingredients. Relish!



Masala Lassi Recipe3.Masala Lassi

Masala Lassi is absolutely perfect for all the “masala lovers” out there. This drink is full of the goodness of curd and filled with robust flavours of spices. It is an ideal drink for the weight watchers and is very soothing to the stomach. The flavours of the few spices like dry ginger powder, cumin powder, black pepper, black salt and red chilly powder completely overtake the simple curd and give a completely new dimension to this exquisite drink.



Mango Lassi Recipe

4.Mango Lassi

Who doesn’t like mangoes? It is one of the favourite fruits in summers and combining it with curd to make a lassi is definitely a good option. Blitzing up mangoes with the curd, cardamom, and sugar will create this most delicious Indian drink to relieve from the heat of the summers.




Rose Lassi Recipe

5.Rose Lassi

Rose Lassi is a classic and is a favourite among the people in North India. A delicious twist on the classic lassi flavoured with the rose syrup gives it a nice pink tinge and a fresh taste. It is an ideal drink to serve on a hot summer’s day. Just add curd, water, rose syrup (or Roohafza), and sugar in the blender with some ice cubes. This thick lassi can either be served with a meal or as a mid-day snack.



Kesar Elaichi Lassi Recipe

6.Kesar Elaichi Lassi

Mouth-watering and heavenly, Kesar Elaichi Lassi is an easy-to-prepare drink recipe that can be enjoyed any day with your family and friends in summers. Prepared with curd, whole milk, Kesar, elaichi, and sugar, it will keep your stomach full for a longer time. The beautiful aroma of the kesar and the strong unique taste of elaichi will surely make you ask for more. Enjoy!


Badam Pista Lassi Recipe

7.Badam Pista Lassi

Dry fruits are good and nutritious for health. So adding these to the all-time favourite lassi is definitely a healthy option during hot summer days.

Badam Pista Lassi is a cool and refreshing drink made with the fresh curd, cardamom powder, badam, pista, and sugar along with a lot of ice. This yummy beverage will not let you stop at one glass.

Banana Lassi Recipe

8.Banana Lassi

Banana Lassi might make you think of a banana milkshake but the lassi tastes heavenly. The thick consistency of this lassi topped with nuts and raisins makes it a favourite and the most ordered lassi among the people.

Just add a handful of bananas, curd, sugar and some ice cubes in a blender. Your luscious banana lassi is ready to be relished!



Banana Lassi Recipe

9.Chocolate Lassi

Chocolate is everyone’s favourite flavour and kids, as well as adults, love to try it out in different delicacies. Chocolate lassi is another such delicacy which is recreated from the traditional lassi giving it a twist of chocolate. This creamy, sweet, and yummy drink is prepared with the goodness of the dark chocolate, roasted almond and the curd. This drink also makes a good dessert.


Strawberry Lassi Recipe

10. Strawberry Lassi

Strawberry Lassi is a heavenly pleasure for the strawberry lovers. Strawberry Lassi is a fruity, cool, and sweet variation of the classic lassi with a wonderful taste that will make you guzzle glasses of this drink on repeats for sure. Its recipe is a perfect blend of the strawberries, curd, sugar and ice. Its pink colour attracts the kids more and also happens to be their personal favourite.



Health Benefits of Lassi

Lassi has a rich content of proteins in it which helps in muscle building. The presence of calcium in lassi helps in building strong bones and teeth. The probiotic bacterias in the curd develop healthy bacteria in the body which minimizes health risks. It also keeps the blood pressure low and maintains cholesterol levels in the body.

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