Sisters Vs Globe channel is on a journey to explore Food, Travel Sites and Shopping

If you’re wondering how to view the blend of food, heritage sites, and shopping from different countries on one platform, then it couldn’t have been a better idea to look for the you tube channel Sisters Vs Globe. Two sisters, namely Megha and Neha, are always thrilled to bring the world’s best food items to you through their experience of visiting 26 countries.

Started in November 2019, Sisters Vs Globe has garnered more than 11,90,955 viewers searching for the best places in terms of restaurants, shopping places. They provide budget-friendly recommendations and reviews so that you can make your planning to the spot, accordingly. 

The channel focuses on informing the viewers about the history and culture of the particular site and takes you to the visit with the sisters’ commentary. It posts youtube shorts and brief videos considering the occasion and events.

One wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to see how the foods in two countries differ when it comes to quality, cost and Menu. The channel collaborates with other countries too and plays the match to see who wins it. It becomes interesting and exciting at the same time.

Speaking of the background of the youtubers, Neha Kotlia comes with nearly 9 years of experience as an educator teaching Mathematics at one of the prominent schools of Delhi-NCR. As her passion for teaching continues, her travel dreams have been motivated further, while sister Megha Kotlia is a Sales Strategy Manager at a leading Indian Media giant. She has over 8 years in media and enjoys designing brand strategies. Her work breaks become productive by travelling the world.

The duo embraces new learnings and work on imparting the knowledge with the clan on their social media platforms, and interact with them in the comment section of each video.

Sisters Vs Globe has its presence on Instagram as well where they share the photos and reels of their visits. One can check out their past exploration places there. 

Kotlia sisters continue to pass on their reviews in this journey ahead full of delight and zeal. They travel together by following their thought which states, “We are young; We are restless. We have an agenda to conquer the Globe.”