Street foods of Mumbai

Welcome foodies! I bet you landed upon this blog, as a part of your mind is always hunting for some finger-licking platters (even when you are on a diet).
Do you wish to explore some of the best street food joints in Mumbai? The culturally diverse city isn’t just known for “Bollywood”, but also for the fine culinary experience. Check out the listed all-time favourite snacks relished by both celebrities and common people of Bombay. Bon appetit!

Vada Pav

Rumour has it, that the love between Vada Pav and Bambaiyas began in 1971 with Ashok Vaidya’s Vada Pav Thela, located outside Dadar station. The puffed up pavs are stuffed with golden-fried spicy potato (or as they call, batata) and are served with a dash of tamarind and coriander chutneys. Out of all the other mid-day snacks, the soul of Mumbai lies in Vada Pav, so much that even Baba Sehgal sang about it.

Vada Pav

Best Joints to try them
1. Ashok Vada Pav Stall, Kirti College Lane, Prabhadevi
2. Graduate Vada Pav, Outside Byculla (West) station
3. Samrat Vada Pav, Vile Parle East
4. Anand Vada Pav, Opposite Mithibai College, Vile Parle West

Batata Vada

The iconic potato fritter is also known as Aloo Boonda. The spicy taste with a crunchy twist is what Mumbaikars love about the deep-fried snack. The filling snack can be had any time of the day, along with chutneys. Nobody cares about their diet plans once they decide to give in to the taste of high-calorie Batata Vada.

Batata Vada

Best Joints to try them
1. Ladoo Samrat, Lalbaug, Parel
2. Shree Krishna Batatawada, Chhabildas Road, Dadar
3. Bombay Adda, Santacruz West
4. Masala Library, Bandra Kurla Complex

Ragda Pattice

Even one look at the scrumptious thali having ragda pattice will liven your taste buds. Ragda refers to chickpea gravy and pattice are simple mashed potatoes, which are served with green chutney, sweet chutney, onions and pomegranate raita. To make you drool, sometimes it is topped with a bit of sev in the end. Ragda Pattice is relished by those who prefer their snack with fewer spices but more flavours.

Ragda Pattice

Best Joints to try them
1. Gurukripa, Sion
2. Kailash Prabhat, Andheri
3. Sharma Chaat Bhandar, Vile Parle West
4. Ram & Shyam, Santacruz West

Bombay Sandwich

Available in different styles, toasted, grilled or plain, one of the gems of Mumbai street food is the Bombay Sandwich, containing potato and other vegetables. Earlier, it was served only by street vendors but as the popularity increased, even posh restaurants have added this sandwich to their menu. One of the favourites for college goers, as they can have it in and out of college, while they are in a rush to attend their classes.

Bombay Sandwich

Best Joints to try them
1. Right Place, near Breach Candy Hospital.
2. Subhash Sandwich, Matunga East (Outside Ruia College)
3. Lucky Sandwiches, Vile Parle
4. Sandwizzaa, Willingdon, Santacruz West


With tangy tamarind sauce spread over puffed rice and vegetables, Bhel Puri is enjoyed the most sitting by the beach. The taste varies at different vendors, with some adding peanuts to the savory snack and others adding more spices. However, the usual crunchy, cold, sweet-and-sour taste of the chat, brings people to their favourite stalls frequently.

Bhel puri

Best joints to try
1. Gupta Chat Centre, Matunga East
2. Jhama Sweets, Chembur Camp, Chembur (East)
3. Sharma Bhelpuri House, Vile Parle East
4. Jain Sweet and Bhelpuri House, Kandivali West

The list isn’t limited to just the five snacks, but these have been acknowledged as a part of “Mumbai tradition”, having their own variants in different cities. For example, Pani Puri of Mumbai is popular as “Golgappa” in Delhi. Middle Eastern food, Kebabs and Rolls are also widely popular amid those who are fond of non-vegetarian dishes. The instant energy boosters are available at every nook and corner for the hardworking people of Mumbai, bustling in and out of the city. The prices are low, and the street vendors ensure that it doesn’t cause any health problems.

So, when you visit Mumbai, give a twist to your tongue, have some tea and try snacks from the famous “addas”!

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