A Few Wishes for India – 2014

As an Indian I asked myself what should I wish for my India in 2014 which should be doable/ achievable and a work in progress. India doesn’t need a magic wand what it needs is a serious change of course. It needs a new thought, it needs a new approach. There has been a lot of the same stuff and a lot of similar  deviations. This must change.

  1. In 2014 lesser number of Indians should blame the state for their sorrows and miseries.
  2. Importance of politics and politicians in running our household should reduce significantly.
  3. State shouldn’t add to stress, the minute this comes down productivity of each citizen would rise.
  4. Coming out to help our fellow citizens in difficulty shouldn’t expose us to harassment and corruption. The fear of establishment should go.
  5. Merit must prevail over favoritism wherever state has an authority to ensure that.
  6. We must drop cloak of pseudo secularism and go in for generic secularism. We must become a nation where state doesn’t practice any religion or favors any, it allows for comfort zones to establish on the basis of ones own life preferences.
  7. As a nation, we must incubate a culture of admiration, appreciation and association. People must be encouraged to bring Triple A into everyday life.
  8. Information about the public should be public. Abuse or for the sake of “public interest”  should not fuel vested interests.
  9. Leadership should be inclusive and inclusive alone. It should not be extractive or intrusive or exclusive. Just plain simple inclusive.
  10. All Indians be brought to  appreciate a few concepts as mantras for our nations growth, being frugal & creating wealth are two such concepts which are least understood by Indians, across economic and social classes.
  11. We must make our VIPs understand that they are one amongst many and they don’t hold our destinies in their hand and they don’t need to.
  12. Projects which touch public must ensure direct public participation specifically in electricity, roads, sewage, health care and law and order.
  13. We must bring in a system of replacing our elected representatives on performance appraisal basis. A transparent system for awarding points should be built in and if any elected representative goes under the minimum acceptability criteria. He must go.
  14. Lesser number of our aged/ seniors should be looked at as unwanted by the state. State must have outreach programs to make their miserable years, golden.
  15. No new horror memories of massacres, gang-rapes and communal riots are seeded.
  16. Religious scriptures and their interpretations are not distorted by anyone for provoking hatred.
  17. None of our rivers should have our dead floating in, and their half eaten bodies waiting for more animals and birds to finish them for all times to come.
  18. Our holy rivers like Yamuna & Ganga must not remain drains or sewage carriers.
  19. No mountain should be stripped naked to the end that one cloud burst and thousands perish.
  20. India is a republic, India should be a well established republic with all its institutions tuned towards betterment of its people.
  21. Areas such as land acquisition & records, where corruption has been institutionalized must be made 100% transparent and systems put in place to institutionalize betterment instead.
  22. Legit demands shouldn’t need illegal means to be met.
  23. Economic interests of our nation shouldn’t be given-up for keeping friends of our politicians in business.
  24. The homeless of the nation are nation’s own, they shouldn’t be made to rot and be treated as hopeless.

This is a work in progress, would take several sittings before I am done.