5 Mobile Apps women can rely on for safety

Woman safety by using Mobile Apps

Woman safety by using Mobile Apps

Women’s safety in today’s world is a very big issue particularly in India whether it is in the form of robbery, sexual assault, rape or any kind of domestic violence. So to save a woman from these types of heinous crimes one has to identify resources so that at the time of emergency one can call on to take her out of any kind of dangerous situations.

In the current changing scenario, where women have shown their capabilities in every sphere of professional arena, staying back at home cannot be an option. But how can we carry out with our day-to-day activities living in a constant fear about our own safety? Use of pepper spray and attending self-defense classes can be good options but that is not enough. Women can be stalked and attacked anywhere and anytime.

In such times where technology is getting advanced so rapidly, most of the women have their own smartphones available with them. Today’s women can take the help of an innumerable number of applications which are available on smartphones for women safety and security. These applications, which are downloaded by women for some extra precautions, enable them to give emergency calls or can have direct contact with their families and friends.

Safety apps with auto trigger mechanisms

To handle different emergency situations these applications have different triggering mechanisms. These applications automatically get activated when different triggering mechanisms like alert buttons are tapped, vigorous shaking of the phones, most commonly used are pressing of the phones for some time and even with loud scream. After these applications get activated they automatically send text messages and emails to the listed emergency contacts mentioning the exact location of the user.

Out of the several safety applications for women available in the market we are just sharing information about five such applications:

  1. Circle of 6 – Circle of Six is a must for any woman of any age though it has been designed for college students. Women can build a circle of six most trusted people or friends to alert them when they are in any kind of dangerous situation or in distress. It has a very simple screen to operate and with two taps it will send messages to the six people in the circle requesting them for help with your current location and whereabouts. So it will be easier for them to trace you out. The app is available in Delhi too.
  2. TellTail – This application has been developed by the Delhi Integrated Multi – Modal Transit System Limited. It is one of the finest applications of today. Through this application, women will be able to alert their family members instantly. GPS facility which is available in your car or on your phone, enables this application to track your present location. So this application can be best utilized if any woman is in danger.
  3. TaxiPixi – It is of best use as it can book a taxi through smartphones for women if they are lost somewhere or they are not able to get transport or feel insecure. This app can help women to find taxis in cheaper rates also. TaxiPixi taxi cab booking app is now available in Delhi NCR and Hyderabad in India.
  4. Police Nearby – This application sends GPS location to the nearby police station if any woman needs help. It is a very useful application as police can be of great help for women’s safety and security during any threatening situation. As this is very simple and can be very easily controlled by anyone, women can readily choose this for an option. The police nearby scanner android app is built with the aim to connect citizens & students to their nearest police stations city wise like Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana and Punjab.
  5. Scream Alarm – Women have to scream very loudly on their smartphones when they have this application installed. If in any case, women cannot scream due to some unavoidable circumstances then also this application is of great help. It can generate a very high-volume scream in a woman’s voice and alert people nearby so that they can help you.

All the applications which women download on their smartphones should be on for their own safety and security so that their families and friends are always aware of their whereabouts and can be of great help during any kind of distress. Moreover, these uses should create awareness among all the women those are known to her so that most of the women can avail this facility.

NOTE : The above mentioned article is on basis of my personal opinion and the list is likely to differ from person to person. For suggestions about the list, please leave your comments below.


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