India Needs Chai Pe Charcha

Yes, India needs a public “Chai Pe Charcha” on Mukesh Ambani and his impact on Indian politics. There have always been undercurrents about Mukesh Ambani running half of  the state governments and all central governments since he and his family came to prominence, it is time to settle all of it over a cup of chai. If you are wondering about who runs the other half of our state governments, I am sorry, probably they don’t see anything out there to run them for.

Arvind Kejriwal should openly invite Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi & Mukesh Ambani for “Chai pe Charcha” at Jantar Mantar or Ramlila Grounds. It is almost certain that they would refuse his invite, let them refuse, at that stage he can go ahead and do Aam Aadmi ke sath chai pe charcha on role of Mukesh Ambani in running India. He should invite people from all quarters and moderate the debate himself.  India would gain big time as all aspects of  higher level political compulsions would come to the forefront. We would have views against Mukesh Ambani, but few would also justify Mukesh Ambani’s system integration approach and how he and his enterprise have helped India grow. They are valid points too.

We can’t say India of today doesn’t need a Mukesh Ambani, it needs but the bigger question is do we really need India of today? Do we need this “system integrated”, “speed money”,  “dynastic democracy” fueled by industrialists patronage? We no longer need this, we need to change India to a one which needs Mukesh Ambani’s thinking & execution skills but doesn’t require his speed money and system manipulation. We need an India which needs connectedness which Mukesh Ambani brings without ripping nations reserves. We need an India where we have thousands of people matching Mukesh Ambani’s wealth but none matching attributes he is ridiculed and blamed for. We need a debate, a debate of moving away from a Mukesh Ambani running India model to millions of motivated Indians running India for their collective benefit.

We need Chai Pe Charcha  on India beyond Mukesh Ambani’s “owning government” attributes  but retaining entrepreneurial spirit and fire.  This is something Arvind Kejriwal can trigger, it can be a game changer once again and can make India win.

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