An Epitome of Tranquility: Hauz Khas Fort

Hauz Khas Fort in Delhi
Hauz Khas Village Fort
Hauz Khas Fort in Delhi
Hauz Khas Village Fort

One of the most elegant structures in the architectural history of Delhi, the Hauz Khas Fort Complex nestles amidst beautiful landscapes and tranquil ambiance. Enclosed by immense greenery and the splendid beauty of a lake, it is a popular hangout-zone amongst youngsters. The place also encloses a Deer Park, a famous tourist attraction. It is located in Hauz Khas, close to Green Park, South Delhi. Built in the 13th century, it is one of the oldest structures in Delhi. It is a heart-throbbing hub of activities, a bird-watcher’s delight and a favored picnic spot for the locals.

Among the notable buildings that hold historical importance, Hauz Khas Fort Complex was initiated with the construction of a water-reservoir or the Royal tank (now known as the Hauz Khas lake) by Allauddin Khilji. He commissioned the reservoir to provide continuous supply of water to the inhabitants of Siri Fort.  It was originally named as Hauz-i-Alai. Derived from an Urdu word Hauz, which means a Pond. Later, a number of monuments such as Mosques, Madrasas, Pavillions and Tombs were built adjoining the water-reservoir or the lake by several emperors. One of the prominent structures within the complex is the Tomb of Firoz Shah Tughlaq. The tomb which is very ascetic in appearance,  was built by the emperor for himself.  It is embellished with Quranic inscriptions.  The Tomb now looks worn-out because of being ignored.  The buildings seen on the hem, including halls and chambers, were constructed by Sikandar Lodhi. These were later converted in to Madrasa, a college for theological training.  A number of cenotaphs can also be seen.

At present, what this fort offers to the visitors is unmatchable. Its capacious lawns are a perfect spot for out door sports. The relics offer boulevard and other arcane passages for people to explore.  For a die-hard photographer, the place is a paradise. The splendor of the place is exceptionally photogenic.  It captivates the spectator with its fusion of Indo-Islamic Architecture. The entourage is extremely mesmerizing during the sunset and the sunshine. The fort adduces a magnificent amalgamation of flora and fauna which is truly a delight for the eyes.

The precinct of Hauz Khas is a metropolis of medieval arts profused by artists, scholars and photographers from all across the mainland. The place also has a galore of diners with mesmerizing aura. It is also a hub of designer boutiques. Hauz Khas is among the most affluent and posh areas of Delhi. Getting to the fort is easy, Green Park as well as Hauz Khas Metro stations are the nearest ones. The fort is accessible at any time of the day, from sunrise to sunset. The best time to visit is in the months of October, November, February and March. My visit to the Hauz Khas Complex was quite alluring and the place really captivated all my senses. I felt like sitting there for the rest of the week and gaze at the beauty that surrounded me. The place gives out a lost in time feeling amidst the frantic city of Delhi. So,  all those searching for an irenic spot to rejuvenate your mind, I would definitely urge you to explore this exquisite location!

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