Famous War Memorials of Puducherry

Kargil War Memorial in Pondicherry
Kargil War Memorial, Goubert Avenue, Puducherry
Kargil War Memorial in Pondicherry
Kargil War Memorial, Goubert Avenue, Puducherry

Location: Goubert Avenue, Puducherry

The beauty of Puducherry embraces your heart while the glory of the War Memorials there, namely, Kargil War Memorial and French War Memorial. Situated on the Beach Street, these structures will surely touch your soul and you will feel the pride of being an Indian.

The Kargil War Memorial was built by the Indian Army in remembrance of soldiers who fought the dreaded and unforgettable war of Kargil. It is located opposite to the Chief Secretariat Office, at the northern end of the main Puducherry Beach. The main memorial has an inscription on a marble plate that says “Government of India War Memorial” with a rifle and a soldier’s cap over it. There is an array of stone pillars of variable lengths that surround the memorial.

With its pure white architecture, long pillars and unique collection of armouries, the French War Memorial attracts tourists with its grandeur. It was constructed to honour the sacrifices of those brave French soldiers who fought for our country and laid their lives during World War I. Surrounded, with four white columns, is a statue of a soldier leaning on a rifle with an inscription above it: “Aux combattants des Indes Françaises morts pour la patrie, 1914-1918.”

Each year, during the Bastille Day celebrated on 14th July, the French War Memorial is beautifully illuminated and all its visitors pay special tribute to the martyrs. It exemplifies the association of Pondicherry with French roots.

Patriotism never fades. It enlightens your pride with respect for the nation and those who sacrifices their lives for it.

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