Top 6 K-dramas to binge watch

K-dramas are the perfect blend of comedy, romance, action, and drama. Based on a hooking story, the plots are addictive, perplexing, and refreshing. Making positive that they are not repetitive, its directors and producers always make sure that the stories tug at the viewer’s heartstrings.

From handsome actors chiselled to perfection and gorgeous actresses with poreless glass skin to sinister villains, the characters get presented so skillfully and satisfyingly that the audience gets caught up. The plot is always so unpredictable and moving, with n number of twists and blows that it gets impossible to determine what will happen. The never-wrecking cliffhangers guarantee a loyal audience. from elegant hanboks (Korea’s traditional dress) in historical dramas to chic blazers and dresses in the modern ones, the outfits of both male and female leads never miss leaving an impression. 

Following the strict policy of parental guidance, K-dramas have their charm of giving its viewers butterflies with no vulgarity and merest physical touches. And that is what makes them even more successful-the unmatched expectations and standards that they set. Adding cherry to the top are the anecdotes and quirky facial expressions mimicked by the characters, always tickling the viewers’ funny bone.

Here we present the top 6 K-dramas to binge-watch:

My love from the Star

What happens when a high-headed top-tier actress falls in love with her cold and grouchy neighbour, that is an alien? Chaos and heartbreaks, you may say. The drama makes sure to give the viewers a genuine cry.

The Uncanny counter

Ever wondered what happens in a person’s afterlife? Does everyone go to hell or heaven? Do some unrested souls still roam around for peace? Filled with mystery, suspense, and thriller, the show makes the watchers go into a void.

Cheese in the trap.

What will happen when a college girl falls in love with a sociopath? Chaos, you may say. You would admire the characters and would despise them at the same time. Get in for a nerve-wracking melodramatic rollercoaster.

Something in the rain

A nearly 30-year-old woman and her friend’s much younger brother go on from being just associates to sweethearts while fighting the dating taboo prevalent in a conservative society like Korea. Age is just a number.

My Id is Gangnam Beauty

After being bullied her whole life for her weight and looks, a girl undergoes plastic surgery but still finds it impossible to accept herself while lacking self-confidence. Educating people how to love themselves, this drama is a must-watch.

It’s okay to not be okay

Filled with psychological issues- this drama focuses on the problems faced by people with emotional and mental health issues.

Representing how love can change people and what needs to get done to help them, this drama gives you a good sobbing.

The list is long- there are thousands of dramas that can’t get mentioned in a particular list. All these dramas are beginner-friendly, and anyone who wants to get in the world of k-dramas can refer to this list. You will witness the sunrise and realize that you have spent your whole night crying over a fictional character. Happy binge!