10 Useful Safety Tips For Women Travelers


To explore the world is an innate desire of human beings. A quest for life begins at the end of one’s comfort zone. Travelling is one such experience which caters to this along with providing innumerable lessons to learn from the prismatic diversity of a place. Travelling enriches one’s experience. Also, it enables one to fall down, get up and start up fresh in the journey called life. Space and time do play a pivotal role in enriching experiences for travelers. But at times traveling comes with not so pleasant experience be it for men or women. The place you are traveling to, people with whom you travel as well as the people you encounter throughout your travel either enriches your experience or leaves you lessons to learn. Chauvinism makes women solo travelers more vulnerable as compared to male solo travelers. Modern metropolis not only has its advantages but comes with its own setbacks. Be it theft, eve-teasing, stares that make you uncomfortable, lewd comments, traveling for solo women travelers come with its own challenges. In India, the patriarchal attitude of society- be it in a metropolitan city or in a rural setup increase the risk for solo women travelers. So, here are some useful tips for women travelers to travel safely and cherish their wonderful journey of life.

  • Do your research- Before visiting any country, state or a place it is mandatory to familiarize yourself with its culture, people, language as well as places to visit. Tourist destination enhances one’s knowledge about a city, state or a country. In case you are visiting a country or state where a different language is spoken, do download a translator to cater to your needs.
  • Bookings- Ticket booking is a precursory step for any travel. Book your tickets well in advance so that you don’t have to deal with last-minute chaos.
  • Be cautious while using public transport- Caution runs along with blood while you travel. Especially in India, it is really important for solo women travelers to be cautious while you use public transports. Thieves, eve-teasers take advantage of the crowd and can steal your valuable belongings- be it mobile phones, wallets etc. Also, not only crowded places but secluded places are a hub for eve-teasers.
  • Download route maps for the place you are going to visit. Familiarize yourself with names of several places and nearby locations, so as not to put yourself at risk.
  • While traveling it’s important to keep a check on your health and hygiene. Carry your medicines, painkillers etc. It’s important not to eat food from unhygienic places. Remain hydrated throughout your journey. Carry a water bottle along with you while you travel. Keep your friends and acquaintances informed about your location.
  • Beware of people- Unnecessary stares can make you uncomfortable. But in India, women solo travelers encounter this lot. Strangers try to be overly friendly. Do keep a check. Be cautious of unknown people wanting to be your guides.
  • Look for the nearest police station or Police Control room (PCR) van if you lose your way or misguided or in case encounter trouble.
  • Carry your mobile phones, powerbanks etc. Do have a backup of your data. Keep a record of important documents.
  • Strive not to lose your calm in public. Be confident while you travel.
  • Be cautious in updating locations online on while you travel. As posting locations on social media can allow potential thieves to keep a track of where you are. Since in a world of hashtags, it’s difficult to be untraced.


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