Coronavirus Update | We have been Able to Flatten the Curve, says ICMR

Coronavirus Curve Seems to be Flattened
In Picture: Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (centre)
Coronavirus Curve Seems to be Flattened
In Picture: Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (centre)

The lockdown 2.0 period will last till May 3, and it has been imposed in an attempt to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. The nationwide shut down has been proving effective in slowing down the infection rate of novel coronavirus in the country. One month has passed since the announcement of the first lockdown on March 24. During the lockdown period, government authorities have been able to deal with the situation effectively to combat this virus.

Preventive measures keep the situation stable

The number of COVID-19 cases in India has crossed 23,000. But medical experts and government officials continue to recite that the preventive measures imposed by the government have kept the current situation stable. The testing of COVID-19 has intensified though it is not enough. Despite this, the percentage of positive coronavirus cases are still in check, which is a healthy sign.

Healthy recovery rate

According to the Ministry of Health report, over 4,748 people have been cured of the deadly infection so far, which is almost 20 per cent of the total cases. The recovery rate is satisfactory, remember the first case in the country was detected in Kerala on January 30.

Increase in test rate

The testing of suspected persons of COVID-19 has increased nearly 33 times in the last one-month. As on March 23, about 15,000 tests were conducted all over the country, and by April 22 more than 5 lakh tests took place. The government has been trying to ramp up the testing facility in the country to detect more and more infected persons.

Positive cases in India under control

India is well placed because, after the 5 lakh tests in the US on March 26, about 80,000 positive cases were detected. But in India, about 20,000 people were infected after the same number of tests. Not to talk of the US, the rate of infected persons in some European nations was almost the same.

No political difference

Despite hardships, people are observing lockdown strictly except for a few lapses in different areas. The Union and the state governments have kept vigil eyes on the situation. Both the ruling and the opposition parties are working together in helping each other in containing the deadly COVID-19. The united effort has helped a lot in combating the virus in the lockdown phase.

Administration vigilant

The government has arranged plenty of quarantine facilities for the suspected persons. They are getting all kinds of services there free. Healthcare workers and policemen are working extra hard during the lockdown period. They are tracing the infected persons across the community and then bring them in the healthcare centres for the tests and treatment, which is a horrible task. With the effort of administration, the COVID-19 outbreak has not spread in the community.

Lav Agarwal, a Joint Secretary in the Health Ministry, said no new COVID-19 cases had been reported from 78 districts in the last 14 days.

Essential items at doorsteps

During the nationwide lockdown period, essential items are being distributed for the daily wagers and the poor at their doorsteps so that they remain indoor and keep the COVID-19 at bay. In many places, not to talk of volunteers of different organisations, even the police personnel are not behind in helping the needy people in the time of crisis. The police of Kerala, Delhi and other states are distributing their hands in social services as well.

Officials think the situation under control

Answering to a question over the increase of infection rate in India by May 3, ICMR Director-General Dr Balram Bhargava said, “The situation is currently going stable, and you can even say that we have been able to flatten the curve. However, it is difficult to say if the peak will come”.

India is a hub of pharmaceutical drugs. Medicine is not an issue for infected persons in the country. The suspected patients are getting the best possible medicines and treatment facilities across the country. Therefore, the recovery rate is high. It is undeniable that India is successful in containing the spread of novel coronavirus to a particular level during the nationwide lockdown.

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