Delhi’s Love for Organic Food

Organic Food
Organic Food
Organic Food
Organic Food

One good news is that Delhiites have become more conscious about what they eat and their health recently. This can be proved with the growing number of organic food stores and organic products sale in Delhi. People who can afford them are now buying organic vegetables and fruits from new grocery stores which have popped up, rather than buying them from local rehris (vegetable carts). Though, organic food is more expensive than regular food, not many want to compromise on their health any more and are willingly spending more on healthy food options.

While growing organic food no chemical fertilizers are used, but they are grown organically. Hence, no question of food containing harmful chemicals or fertilizers arises. As per the Yes Bank Ltd research in Delhi NCR the total market for such products is Rs. 125 crore. Even The Altitude Store has witnessed 500% growth in the sales of its organic product in the last two years. Not only this, but many other stores like Dubdengreen, Fab India and Morarka Organics are also witnessing the same trend in growth.

But why there is a need to shift towards organic food when we are getting abundance normal produce? In the year 2010, tests were conducted on Delhi’s food produce and the results were astonishing, as the food that was tested had a very high level of pesticides. It was about 700 times more than the accepted level in Europe. Green leafy vegetables were even more contaminated with pesticides, with figures going up to 1300 times than allowed level. That means we were eating food very high in dangerous chemicals. Apart from harmful pesticides, there’s also another problem of toxic water that comes from industries. All across India we have a web of small to large industries which dump their waste without treatment into nearby water bodies. This water is then used by farmers for irrigation purposes leading to toxic elements  in the food that we eat.

But with time, people are becoming more health conscious and aware of such harmful chemicals in vegetables, pulses or dairy products they consume and have hence shifted to organic produce. Before buying organic products, again a question is raised, whether these organic produce is really organic or fake?  In case you are buying fresh produce then from its shelf life you can tell if it is organic or not, as organic food has a lesser shelf life as compared to non organic produce. Also, organic produce tastes better after cooking than non-organic produce . On the other hand if you are buying organic honey, dal or other such food items then you have to rely on the face value of the brand and product itself.

Some popular organic food stores in Delhi:

The Altitude Store
Wide ranges of products from all across India are delivered at your door step and this store operates from Shantiniketan.

Ehsaas Organic
This organic store has its own farm in Haryana and supplies fresh produce once in a week for an annual fee. Not only in South Delhi but they deliver in almost all over Delhi and Gurgaon.

This organic store is based in Shahpur but delivers twice a week but only in South Delhi.

This is an organization for the welfare of farmers and has two outlets – one in Haus Khaz and other one at Dilli Haat.

Then there are other organic stores like Ahana Organics, Down to Earth Store, FabIndia Organics, Health is Wealth, Khadi Gramudyog Bhavan, Sikkim Organic Store, Whole Foods to buy range of organic staples that includes pulses, grains, spices etc.

You can buy organic eggs under the name Keggs which are very close to being organic and easily available. Then you can buy these from Nature’s Basket and The Altitude Store.

Hope the importance of organic food is felt more and its availability start increasing.