General Elections 2014 – Day 10

Political compulsions
Congratulation! It is a grown-up man
Political compulsions
Congratulation! It is a grown-up man

Senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj has just had a son – What???? Yes. B.S Sriramulu. Well, he said she is his mother. His exact words, “She is my mother and will remain my mother until my death.” Now, what else do you make of this statement?

B.S. Sriramulu, a close acquaintance of jailed mining baron Janardhan Reddy had left BJP due to differences with leadership. Today he decided to join back. Sushma Swaraj was strongly against his re-induction. But now that he has called her mother, does she have any other option than to develop motherly love? Isn’t politics all about suppressing your anger, controlling your feelings and flowing with the flow – smilingly.

While Sushma decides on what lullabies to sing, there is a new song that is doing rounds – ‘O Media wallea ho sake tou bhag jana.’ Because Kejriwal is coming lock, stock and barrel for you!

If the news of today is to be believed, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Chief Arvind Kejriwal has said that the media has been bought over by BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and if Kejriwal is voted to power, he will send ‘media wallahs’ to jail. That is some aggression!

Later, AAP party member Ashutosh clarified that Kejriwal meant ‘only a section of the media’ and ‘not the whole media.’ But does that save the situation? And what does an aam admi make of it? When media does positive stories on AAP, should we assume they have been bought over? This is so confusing. Can someone clarify?

Oh! Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare has finally clarified why he chose not to attend the rally at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi few days back. He was supposed to share the stage with Trinamool Congress Chief Mamata Banerjee, who had come to Delhi to kick start her national campaign. My! Was Mamata agitated when Anna failed to turn up citing health reasons.

Well now, being the honest person Anna is, the truth cannot remain surpassed for long. He said that it was indeed the poor turnout that made him cancel his presence at the rally. Kudos to his honesty! But why did this honesty not surface earlier? What made him cite health grounds in the first place? And now the most baffling question, why did he choose to tell it now?

One last question – what would have happened if Anna had addressed the meagre 4000 people who had gathered there? Perhaps the headlines would have screamed – Anna losing popularity. His ego would have got a tad punctured. But wouldn’t that have been better than his flip-flop statements, where he is coming out clean that he wanted a bigger crowd. Ab bigger crowd chahiyea, tou Katrina Kaif ban jayeyea.

Meanwhile in Orissa, someone definitely managed to pull a huge crowd. Modi was in Sambalpur today to address a rally. It was interesting to watch his address. He was at his theatrical best. An extract of the transcript. (Please note- the address took place in Hindi)

Modi: Congress had promised to reduce inflation in 100 days. In how many days?

Crowd: 100 days

Modi: Can’t hear. Louder

Crowd: (Loudly) 100 days

Modi: Louder

Crowd: (even loudly): 100 days

Modi: Were they able to do that?

Crowd: (Mumbling)

Modi: Louder…can’t hear you…louder

Crowd: (Still mumbling)

Modi: No, they were no able to do that.

Modi: (In a very aggressive tone) No they were not able to do that.

Modi: (Then in an emotional tone) Children today also sleep empty stomach.

Just a sniff was missing or else this little address had all the drama. Did he attend theatre or does acting come to him naturally? In a similar fashion, he took up the farmers’ issue, the Food Security Act and the Forest Rights Act. Well, everyone has their own style.

Talking about style M.K. Algari, son of DMK leader M. Karunanidhi, has a new style of seeking peace. Today he met superstar Rajnikant. Why? No, not for political reasons but for peace of mind. Wah! He is certainly finding peace from the right places. Bitterly disappointed at being expelled from the party, Algari had recently met BJP President Rajnath Singh and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Hope they also have been able to give him peace. No wonder he has been saying, “I will definitely play a role in the forthcoming elections.” Meanwhile his brother and bitter opponent M.K. Stallin was busy kick starting his election campaign today.

AAP is once again in news. The first news – AAP convoy led by Kumar Vishwas was attacked in Amethi. He alleged that the attackers were Congress workers and the police simply looked on.

The second news – Kejriwal while campaigning in Nagpur for Anjali Damania called former BJP president Nitin Gadkari a ‘broker.’ In English, it still sounds better but he had said it in Hindi – Nitin Gadkari ek ‘dhandewaaz’ hai. Wonder what the reaction to this is going to be! Meanwhile, if you don’t remember Anjali Damania…she is the same lady who had accused Gadkari of land grabbing.

The third news – as AAP’s gala fund raising event, where anyone could have dinner with Kejriwal for INR 10000, was in progress, two former AAP members put up a stall serving food for just INR 10. They said that they put up the stall just to prove that a whole meal is possible even within INR 10 and one need not spend INR 10000.

While, Congress has said that it will release its manifesto by 21 March, Asom Gana Parishad has released its manifesto. It said that it will raise burning issues like detection and expulsion of illegal Bangladeshi migrants, updating of the National Register of Citizens, among others. How many manifestoes should a common man study before he votes in the election? How many more manifestoes are yet to be released? The answer, my friend is blowing in the wind.

The last news for today – BJP has gone tech-savvy. It today released a safety mobile application called Raksha in New Delhi. With this application, a lady in an emergency situation, just has to press a key and it will send out her whereabouts to concerned people. Wow! That is really something. BJP certainly is trying to woo women folks. But errr….doesn’t a similar app already exist? Whatever, hope this step provides the intended raksha kavach to BJP this election.

There will be apps, there will be sops, there will be sobs…Stay tuned with us when we track the madness of the General Elections 2014.

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