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Madhya Pradesh General (Lok Sabha) Elections 2014

Madhya Pradesh General Election Results

Map of Madhya Pradesh Parliamentary Constituencies

Madhya Pradesh Parliamentary Constituencies Morena Bhind (SC) Gwalior Guna Sagar Tikamgarh (SC) Damoh Khajuraho Satna Rewa Sidhi Shahdol (ST) Jabalpur Mandla (ST) Balaghat Choindwara Hoshangabad Vidisha Bhopal Rajgarh Dewas (SC) Ujjain (SC) Mandsour Ratlam (ST) Dhar (ST) Indore Khargone (ST) Khandwa Betul (ST)
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*Map Showing the Parliamentary Constituencies of Madhya Pradesh State. Disclaimer

Madhya Pradesh General Elections 2014 - Voters Turnout
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Madhya Pradesh General Elections 2014 - Voters Turnout
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*Map Showing Madhya Pradesh General Elections 2014 - Voters Turnout. Disclaimer

Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2014 Dates

*Madhya Pradesh polling dates: 10 April (Phase 3), 17 April (Phase 5), 24 April (Phase 6)

PC No.PC NameCategoryIssue of NotificationLast Date for filing NominationsScrutiny of NominationsLast date for withdrawal of CandidaturePolling DateCounting of VotesDate before which the election shall be Completed
1MorenaGEN19 Mar26 Mar27 Mar29 Mar17 April16 May28 May
2Bhind(SC)19 Mar26 Mar27 Mar29 Mar17 April16 May28 May
3GwaliorGEN19 Mar26 Mar27 Mar29 Mar17 April16 May28 May
4GunaGEN19 Mar26 Mar27 Mar29 Mar17 April16 May28 May
5SagarGEN19 Mar26 Mar27 Mar29 Mar17 April16 May28 May
6Tikamgarh(SC)19 Mar26 Mar27 Mar29 Mar17 April16 May28 May
7DamohGEN19 Mar26 Mar27 Mar29 Mar17 April16 May28 May
8KhajurahoGEN19 Mar26 Mar27 Mar29 Mar17 April16 May28 May
9SatnaGEN15 Mar22 Mar24 Mar26 Mar10 April16 May28 May
10RewaGEN15 Mar22 Mar24 Mar26 Mar10 April16 May28 May
11SidhiGEN15 Mar22 Mar24 Mar26 Mar10 April16 May28 May
12Shahdol(ST)15 Mar22 Mar24 Mar26 Mar10 April16 May28 May
13JabalpurGEN15 Mar22 Mar24 Mar26 Mar10 April16 May28 May
14Mandla(ST)15 Mar22 Mar24 Mar26 Mar10 April16 May28 May
15BalaghatGEN15 Mar22 Mar24 Mar26 Mar10 April16 May28 May
16ChhindwaraGEN15 Mar22 Mar24 Mar26 Mar10 April16 May28 May
17HoshangabadGEN15 Mar22 Mar24 Mar26 Mar10 April16 May28 May
18VidishaGEN29 Mar5 April7 April9 April24 April16 May28 May
19BhopalGEN19 Mar26 Mar27 Mar29 Mar17 April16 May28 May
20RajgarhGEN19 Mar26 Mar27 Mar29 Mar17 April16 May28 May
21Dewas(SC)29 Mar5 April7 April9 April24 April16 May28 May
22Ujjain(SC)29 Mar5 April7 April9 April24 April16 May28 May
23MandsaurGEN29 Mar5 April7 April9 April24 April16 May28 May
24Ratlam(ST)29 Mar5 April7 April9 April24 April16 May28 May
25Dhar(ST)29 Mar5 April7 April9 April24 April16 May28 May
26Khargone(ST)29 Mar5 April7 April9 April24 April16 May28 May
27IndoreGEN29 Mar5 April7 April9 April24 April16 May28 May
28KhandwaGEN29 Mar5 April7 April9 April24 April16 May28 May
29Betul(ST)29 Mar5 April7 April9 April24 April16 May28 May

Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state in India in terms of area, and sixth largest in terms of population. This state has played an important role in India's electoral politics since independence. It is home to many political stalwarts and has witnessed the changing face of Indian politics.

Representation of Madhya Pradesh at the Centre

Madhya Pradesh had 40 Lok Sabha constituencies before the separation of Chhattisgarh in 2000. At present, there are 29 Lok Sabha constituencies including Gwalior, Guna, Chhindwara, Vidisha and Indore. It sends 11 MPs to the Rajya Sabha. Madhya Pradesh has a significant number of Scheduled Tribe (ST) population and has six Lok Sabha constituencies reserved for them which is the highest in India.

The state legislature is unicameral and it has 230 members.

Main Political Parties

The dominant political parties of Madhya Pradesh are Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC), and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

There are also a number of regional parties. However, unlike some other states these parties have not been able to play an important role in state politics. Some important regional parties are:
  • Pragatisheel Bahujan Samaj Party
  • Madhya Pradesh Kisan Mazdoor Adivasi Kranti Dal
  • Madhya Pradesh Vikas Congress
  • Jiti Jitayi Politics

Election History

The state has been under the stronghold of the Congress party, as out of 18 Chief Ministers of the state till date, 12 belong to the Congress. INC was the most powerful party in the initial years and was in power from 1956 to 1977, as it gave the state its first CM as Ravishankar Shukla. In 1977, Janata Dal assumed power but could not complete its term. In 1980 elections, INC emerged victorious and went on to win the 1985 elections as well. In 1990, BJP came to power and ruled till 1992. INC made a comeback in 1993 and remained in power for the next 10 years.

In November 2000, Chhattisgarh was carved out of Madhya Pradesh. This reduced the number of assembly seats from 320 to 230.

In 2003, BJP won the assembly elections and has been in power since then. In the 2013 elections, BJP won absolute majority winning 165 out of 230 seats and is currently the most dominant party in the state.

Madhya Pradesh was also under President's rule on three occasions; from April 1977 to June 1977, February 1980 to June 1980 and December 1992 to December 1993.

In the Indian parliamentary elections in Madhya Pradesh, the INC was dominant from 1957 to 1984. Since the 1989 general elections, the BJP has emerged as a force to reckon within the state. The BJP gave a stellar performance in 2004, winning 25 out of 29 seats. In 2009, it won 16 seats while the INC got 12 seats and BSP won just one seat.

Major Politicians

General elections 2014 saw important political personalities battling it out in Madhya Pradesh. Some MPs of the 15th Lok Sabha from Madhya Pradesh are:
  • Sushma Swaraj : Leader of the opposition in the 15th Lok Sabha, she is an MP from Vidisha. She has been elected six times as a member of the Parliament and was also the first woman Chief Minister of Delhi.

  • Sumitra Mahajan : She is a politician from BJP and has been representing the Indore constituency of Madhya Pradesh since the 9th Lok Sabha.

  • Kamal Nath : He is a politician from the Indian National Congress and represented the Chhindwara constituency of Madhya Pradesh. He is the Union Minister for Urban Development.

  • Meenakshi Natarajan : She was an MP from the Mandsaur constituency of Madhya Pradesh and a General Secretary of All India Congress Committee (AICC).

Famous Political Personalities

Many important political leaders of India were born in Madhya Pradesh. Some of them are:
  • B R Ambedkar : He was born in Mhow. He was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution and was also the first Law Minister of India.

  • Shankar Dayal Sharma : He is the 9th President of India. He was born in Bhopal and represented Bhopal in the Lok Sabha in 1971 and 1980.

  • Atal Bihari Vajpayee : He was the 10th Prime Minister of India. He was born in Gwalior and was also a Lok Sabha MP from Gwalior (5th Lok Sabha).

The royal family of Scindia of Gwalior has played a key role in Indian political scene. Important politicians from the Scindia dynasty are:
  • Madhavrao Scindia : He was a nine-time member of parliament and also served as the Union Railways Minister (1986 - 1989), Minister for Civil Aviation and Minister for Human Resource Development. He contested from either Guna or Gwalior and is known to have never lost an election.

  • Vijayaraje Scindia : She was the Rajmata of Gwalior and a politician from the BJP.

  • Yashodhara Scindia : She is currently the Minister for Commerce, Industries and Employment in Madhya Pradesh. She was elected to the 15th Lok Sabha from Gwalior.

  • Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia : The scion of the Scindia dynasty, he is an MP from the Guna constituency and is currently the Union Minister of State for Power Ministry.

Some other famous politicians from Madhya Pradesh include:
  • Digvijay Singh : He is a politician from the INC and served as the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh from 1993 to 2003.

  • Uma Bharti : She was the first woman Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and was the poll in-charge for the 2014 parliamentary elections for Uttarakhand.

  • Arjun Singh : He was born in Churhat, Sidhi in Madhya Pradesh. He was the Union Minister for Human Resource Development from 2004 to 2009.

  • Shivraj Singh Chouhan : He is the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh since 2005 and has emerged as a significant politician from the state.

  Election Highlights  
Quick Facts No. of PCs: 29
No. of Polling Days: 3
Polling Dates: 10 April (Phase 3), 17 April (Phase 5), 24 April (Phase 6)
No. of Polling Stations: 53,947
No. of Polling Station locations: 51,547
Total Electors: 4,66,10,097 (as on 4th January 2014)
Electors in Age Group 18 to 29 years: 32.59%
Women Electors: 47.32%
Poll Expenditure Limit per Candidate : Rs. 70 lakhs
Major issues and concerns Farmers' suicide: As per the reports of the National Crime Records Bureau, the states with the maximum number of farmers' suicides include Madhya Pradesh. The situation may become worse if income-yielding measures are not taken by the government.

Stampede of October 2013: In the stampede near the Ratangarh Mata Temple in Datia, over 100 people were killed. The incident highlighted the mismanagement of the government in providing immediate help to the injured. Considering the severity of the mishap, the ECI intervened and took action against many senior officials.

Rural development: Failing to fulfill its promises of the 2008 manifesto, the ruling MP government has failed to provide basic amenities like electricity and drinking water in the rural areas of the state. Also, no special measures have been implemented to improve the irrigation system.

Tribal Community: As per statistics, around 91% of the tribal people in the state defecate in the open. Only 5% of them have access to drinking water. Also, 50% of the women of tribal communities have BMI lower than 18.5.

Other issues
Education, Poverty

Madhya Pradesh Parliamentary Constituency Winners 2009

PC No.PC NameCategoryWinning CandidateGenderPartyTotal Votes
1MorenaGENNarendra Singh TomarMBJP300647
2Bhind(SC)Ashok ArgalMBJP227365
3GwaliorGENYashodhara Raje ScindiaFBJP252314
4GunaGENJyotiraditya Madhavrao ScindiaMINC413297
5SagarGENBhupendra SinghMBJP323954
6Tikamgarh(SC)Virendra KumarMBJP200109
7DamohGENShivraj BhaiyaMBJP302673
8KhajurahoGENJeetendra Singh BundelaMBJP229369
9SatnaGENGanesh SinghMBJP190206
10RewaGENDeoraj Singh PatelMBSP172002
11SidhiGENGovind Prasad MishraMBJP270914
12Shahdol(ST)Rajesh Nandini SinghFINC263434
13JabalpurGENRakesh SinghMBJP343922
14Mandla(ST)Basori Singh MasramMINC391133
15BalaghatGENK. D. DeshmukhMBJP299959
16ChhindwaraGENKamal NathMINC409736
17HoshangabadGENUday Pratap SinghMINC339496
18VidishaGENSushma SwarajFBJP438235
19BhopalGENKailash JoshiMBJP335678
20RajgarhGENNarayansingh AmlabeMINC319371
21Dewas(SC)Sajjan Singh VermaMINC376421
22Ujjain(SC)Guddu PremchandMINC326905
23MandsaurGENMeenakshi NatrajanFINC373532
24Ratlam(ST)Kantilal BhuriaMINC308923
25Dhar(ST)Gajendra Singh RajukhediMINC302660
26Khargone(ST)Sumitra Mahajan (Tai)MBJP351296
26IndoreGENMakansingh Solanki (Babuji)FBJP388662
27KhandwaGENArun Subhashchandra YadavMINC394241
29Betul(ST)Jyoti DhurveFBJP334939

  Parliamentary Constituencies in Madhya Pradesh  
PC No.PC NamePC No.PC Name

Last Updated on : June 18, 2014




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