Get Italian Marines Back to India

Even after an undertaking given by the Italian government to return two Italian marines to India, the Supreme Court’s decision to send them back home for four weeks just to cast their votes is a surprising decision. It is just like setting birds free and then waiting for them to come back. But since their trial this is not the first time that these marines were sent back home. Earlier, they were allowed to go back last year to celebrate Christmas. At that time they came back to India. This time again the request was made and as we are very generous so we accepted it without a question. They were again allowed to go back just to caste their vote. The Italian government has promised to send them back, but this time they showed us the other side probably the true side. It looks like everything had been planned and the first come back was just to be used as a trap.

With this, a common man in India once again has been left with questions and thoughts. Firstly, why the other side of the coin, like Italy refusing to send them back was not taken into account at the time of making decision? Since the time of their arrest, the Italian government was saying that India has made a wrong move by arresting their marines and the Indian authorities have violated the international obligations. Then why statements like this have not been considered before allowing the two Italian marines to go back and that too for two times? They now want to try the marines in Italy. Two marines are now happy and have even resumed their work.

Do you think casting votes by these Italian marines was more important than the lives of the fishermen who were killed by them? Why are we so generous that we cannot make out the difference between good and bad decision and that too at such a high level?

The Italian marines (Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone) were charged for killing two fishermen from Kerala at sea while guarding an Italian oil tanker and were under trail.The  Italian government to defend itself is saying India is not ready for a diplomatic solution and moreover they are charging and saying that Indian authorities have dishonoured obligations under international law. As per Italian government, the shooting occurred in International water whereas the Indian government is saying that shooting occurred in Indian territory.

Instead of taking a call on this, political parties will again use this as a vote fetching agenda, as BJP has said that through this the government will be attacked in Parliament.

Why are we so obsessed with our so called image of being a peace loving country? Why every time issues like these pop up in India and are used only for personal gain or power?The Indian government should start thinking from the perspective of its people and the guilty should be punished as every time an excuse cannot be accepted.