Lok Sabha Elections 2014 – Ajit Singh’s ratings and a lesson for India

Ajit Singh ratings
Ajit Singh ratings
Ajit Singh ratings
Ajit Singh ratings

A prominent Indian media house has recently performed a survey on the various members of the parliament, as well as their performance, on the basis of factors such as dependability and ease of access. The politicians were all marked on scales of 10 for each category. Ajit Singh, who heads the Rashtriya Lok Dal party and has won 6 times from the Baghpat constituency in Uttar Pradesh was judged in this survey as well. Under normal circumstances one would expect such a successful candidate to have received exceptional points but then statistics reveal a completely different story! He has received 5 on the trustworthiness factor and 5.6 on the accessibility factor. Incidentally Ajit Singh’s father is Chaudhary Charan Singh who has served as the Prime Minister of India.

When it comes to maintaining law and order in his constituency Singh receives 5.5 points and with regards to providing improved transport he was given 5.4 points. As far as provision of better roads is concerned Ajit Singh has fetched 5.3 points and for the schools infrastructure in his constituency he has received 5.5 points. With regards to provision of drinking water, which can be termed safe, Singh has got 5.3 rating points. In the domain of primary health centers, the Bahgpat MP, has received 5.5 points. When it comes to ensuring greater levels of safety for women in his constituency, Ajit Singh receives 5.2 points. He has not scored too high on providing higher quality job opportunities in his constituency either with only 5.5 points.

Considering the fact that the average rating in the said survey was 5.61, Ajit Singh was definitely below par with only 5.37 points. This situation clearly brings to light everything that is bad with the Indian political system especially in the lesser known areas.

First of all, it is a major surprise that in spite of such less than satisfactory performance Ajit Singh has continued to win from the said constituency. That shows a couple of things – the other candidates are even worse and second, the voters do not have a proper idea of what is good for them – they are satisfied with all the bits and pieces of development and progress that come their way.

What happens in these small centers is that the able bodied men or women, and at times the educated and skilled ones, move off to the bigger cities where they somehow find some work and ensure that they are enjoying a better standard of life than what would have happened in their native villages or semi rural administrative units. Slowly, they are assimilated into the electoral rolls of their new residence and their place of origin is forgotten. The question is why should this happen? Why, even after almost 70 years of independence will the villages continue to act as feeders for the towns and cities? Why can’t these people find good jobs in their very village or small town so that they can play a part in advancing its fortunes in the days to come?

It will be harsh to say that the smaller centers are neglected by their administrators but whatever they are doing is perhaps not enough as is reflected by the low ratings accorded to Ajit Singh. After all he must have done something in order to warrant his present position. The question is who will understand that whatever is happening can be improved upon? For someone to understand that he or she is not in the ideal condition it is necessary to be empowered by knowledge and that is a serious issue in some of the smaller centers in India where a greater premium is placed on ensuring the means of livelihood rather than settle for something long-term like education.

Perhaps instead of making education free for all the time has come for the government to think of tougher steps like making it mandatory and free. Otherwise India will never come out of this lurch, where well-meaning, yet incompetent and inadequately skilled and ill informed administrators will ruin any chances of development. India will then only shine but never rise.

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