Mussoorie: The Queen of the Hills

Dehradun situated right under the feet of Himalayas hosts the most beautiful and scenic places around the world. Probably anyone who has been to this place ever in his life would have to agree with me that heaven lies on this very earth.

 Mussoorie also called as the “Queen of the hills” , is the loveliest of all hill stations across India. It is located nearly 35 km from the state capital Dehradun and about 290km from the national capital Delhi. Mussoorie is believed to be discovered by captain young in 1827, the then superintendent of revenues at Dehradun. Everything is so unique about this place right from the mountain ranges to the valleys and the lush green delights.

 What’s best about this place is the romantic whether it boasts across the year. The captivating beauty of the mountains, favorable climate and the Doon valley with deep woods makes Mussoorie a must visit place. Apart from its scenic beauty there is stunning architechture and waterfalls  nearby that adds to its beauty.

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