MBA: To Do or Not to Do

Life is all about making the right choices and that isn’t enough, you need to make the right choices at the right time. Having said that, I recall my decisions of choosing a B school where I could put my faith and belief , hoping that it would work fine as it has worked with others. I still remember those days because I had months of brainstorming. This was very much required as the stakes were on the higher end.

Following the trend doesn’t make sense. As in most cases you rather need to make decisions involving your mind but when it come to situations like this you need to synchronize both your mind as well as your heart. The three questions that really helped me and I think would help any one on the same platform are listed below.


Am I really motivated for being called as an MBA ?

What is my primary goal?

Is it really going to add value to my life and the career on the whole?


Once these questions are answered to the fullest satisfaction of both the mind and the heart, what evolves is whether To Do or Not to Do.

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