Sikkim Foundation Day: The Land of Love, Beauty And Adventure!

Sikkim - The Land of Love, Beauty And Adventure!
Sikkim is the second smallest state of India.
Sikkim - The Land of Love, Beauty And Adventure!
Sikkim is the second smallest state of India.

It is often said that good things come in small packages. And while I say that, a place that instantly strikes my mind is the beautiful land of Sikkim. It is the Sikkim Foundation Day, the place has given us many reasons to be happy about. Not only is it COVID-19 free but it is also 100% organic. Small in size but big in offerings, the state of Sikkim is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Located remotely in the arms of the Himalayas, it is a landlocked state with China, Bhutan and Nepal as its borders. The state of Sikkim, which was a monarchy until 1975, is a new addition in the federal union of India.

The aesthetic mural and spiritual aura of this place, glorify Sikkim as the “Land of mystic splendour”. It is blessed with a natural bounty of flora and fauna. With 4,000 species of flowering plants and 600 species of birds, it is no less than a paradise for botanists and bird watchers around the world. Beautiful valleys, mesmerising landscapes, swirling rivers, high mountains, lush greenery and a peaceful environment- the majestic divinity of Sikkim is beyond imagination.

Culturally, the state of Sikkim is like a homogeneous blend of different cultures, religions and communities. Three major communities, Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalese, reside peacefully in the small territory of Sikkim. Hinduism and Buddhism are the two main religions that are followed by the people there. Even with the presence of a number of communities in one place, there has never been any communal violence in the state.

Tourism is one of the major sources of income for the state. The people of Sikkim are extremely warm and friendly in the hospitality of the tourists. This is also one of the reasons behind Sikkim being one of the most visited tourist destinations. Sikkim has all the reasons to be considered as the ideal spot for a vacation. Whether you are looking for adventure activities or want to rejuvenate yourself spiritually or simply want to relax your mind amidst natural beauty, Sikkim has everything you desire!

Here is a list of some of the top five things you should not miss while in Sikkim:

  • Monasteries

The reason why Sikkim is considered to be the best place for meditation is the presence of 200 monasteries in the state. The best time to visit these monasteries is February, July and December when special festivals are held with grand celebrations.

  • Trekking

Being a mountainous region, Sikkim makes for one of the best destinations for trekking in India. The trek from Yuksom to Dzongri peak is the most famous trek in Sikkim which offers upbeat adventure for the daring ones. Special permits are required for the foreigners for trekking.

  • River Rafting

River Rafting has gained a lot of popularity in Sikkim in recent years. River Teesta and River Rangeet with their turbulent waters offer exciting opportunities for river rafting here. The best time for river rafting in Sikkim is March-May and October-December.

  • Flora and Fauna

Sikkim is the hub of biodiversity in the country. With 4,000 species of plants and 600 species of birds, the state of Sikkim is spell-bindingly rich in flora and fauna. The best places to experience this richness are Deorali Orchid Sanctuary and Kyongnosia Alpine Sanctuary.

  • Nathu La Pass

Nathu La Pass is that popular mountain pass that connects Sikkim with China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. Chinese soldiers on the other side of the fence can be easily seen from here. Only Indians are allowed to travel to this point and that too on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

So now, as you know how thrilling Sikkim can really be, get ready and head to Sikkim for the most refreshing experience of your life!

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