Sun Temple at Modhera: An Architectural Masterpiece in Gujarat

Sun Temple in Modhera
Sun Temple at Modhera, Gujarat
Sun Temple in Modhera
Sun Temple at Modhera, Gujarat

Location: Modhera, Gujarat

This glorious edifice speaks of the architectural talent of the Solanki era. Built in 1026 AD during the reign of King Bhimadeva I, the remains of the Sun Temple of Modhera are now under the management and supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Dedicated to Surya, the Sun god, the Sun Temple impresses all with its history, grandeur and design. The Solankis were considered to be the descendent of the Sun God and thus the structural marvel was constructed. The aura of the temple is defined by its distinct elements described below:

Surya Kund: This rectangular stepped tank has exemplary geometric features. With innumerable stone steps and 108 miniature shrines chiseled between these steps, Surya Kund is a sight to be captured and treasured.

Main temple: The temple architecture was designed in way that the rays of the sun during sunrise and sunset falls on the gold idol of the deity, Surya and his chariot during the equinox (20th March and 21st September). Though the entire gold idol was taken away by Mahmud Gazni, you can still see how the sun rays illuminate the sanctum sanctorum.

Sabha Mandap: It is a pillared hall with 52 unique and beautifully carved pillars depicting the tales from Ramayana and Mahabharata. The priest of the temple will actually narrate many of these stories if you request him. These pillars represent the 52 weeks of the year.

You can also attend the Modhera dance festival which is organized by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat. It is celebrated during the third week of January every year and enjoy overwhelming performances by renowned artists.

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