The most curious Delhi election result

Really this year’s curiosity for election result was not less than my own exam result. I had experienced butterflies in stomach with each passing minute and wished to know who would win the elections as soon as possible. Glued to the television, counting for the Delhi assembly election was started at 8:00 AM and AAP opened the account with a lead in 1 seat at 8:30 AM. With each update it was either BJP or AAP taking seats whereas Congress was going out of the scene. Havan had also been organized outside Sheila Dikshit’s residence but it didn’t work either for the party or for Sheila Dikshit because both were defeated in Delhi and that too very badly. BJP is surely able to encash the votes from Congress. But almost all the votes that used to go into Congress’s kitty have turned towards Aam Adami Party this time, the party acted as game changers or spoiler, whatsoever you may want to call. But it clearly indicates that people are looking for the change and so they voted for the AAP. People are also fighting against the corrupt system as they are now tired of this sick system, inflation, corruption and anti social elements. Delhi election results have clearly shown this feeling as BJP has not got the majority and Congress has been defeated badly. At the same time just a year old party AAP received a commendable number of seats. But AAP has made it very clear that it will not form a collation government at any cost and rather favor re-election. AAP is saying that if they can bring an alternative in Delhi then for sure it can bring a huge change in the nation. Delhi is considered as a mini India because people from almost all the states come and live here. Hence Delhi might set the new trend. Urban middle class mind set and youth mind has set has been captured very well by AAP.