Why people attack Arvind Kejriwal?

Why people attack Arvind Kejriwal?
Why people attack Arvind Kejriwal?

Why people attack Arvind Kejriwal?

This is not the first time that Arvind Kejriwal has been slapped but it is the second attack in the last four days. This time Kejriwal was slapped by an auto driver in Sultanpuri area during a roadshow. After the incident, Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia left the roadshow in between and sat on a dharna. The AAP chief Kejriwal is blaming BJP for the attacks. On the other hand, BJP called this a tactic to gain popularity. But do you think anyone would opt this way to gain popularity? Quite impossible.

Earlier Kejriwal was attacked by a 19-year-old youth while campaigning in Dakshinpuri area of South Delhi. The youth’s father said that his son has done a very bad thing and added that his son is an addicted person.

Then Kejriwal was attacked during his election rally in Haryana. One of the protestors in Varanasi threw ink on Kejriwal during a roadshow. Kejriwal was also attacked by a youth in Lohari Chowk, outside Dadri and said that more such attacks are expected in the near future because his party is contesting against big political leaders.

I feel that anyone be it – Kejriwal or other political leader – does not deserve an insult of this kind. Moreover Kejriwal hasn’t done anything bad. He and his team are against corruption, corrupt politicians and corrupt bureaucrats.

There are two possibilities – people attacking Kejriwal are the supporters of other political parties or such bad elements are just against Kejriwal and his words. Earlier, AAP spokesperson Rajeev Godara said that any attack on Kejriwal does not show people’s opposition to the AAP but it is a roguish way to dishonour Kejriwal and the party.

He is not the only politician who has been attacked. Chief Minister of Haraya Bhupinder Singh Hooda was attacked in Gohana and Dabwali in February at a public function. Haryana Minister of Excise and Taxation and Public Health and Engineering Kiran Chaudhary was pelted with stones so seriously during an election campaign at Koriawas village in Narnaul in Haryana that she had to be hospitalized.

All the politicians have not done anything so great so far. Some are pretty bad in performing their tasks and made the system corrupt. If people are really angry, then why don’t they come up and slap such politicians? Hence the actual reason of such incident is something else.

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