Do you think politicians’ attires can fetch vote?

Wearing for the occasion is not just limited to celebrities and film stars but also applicable to our leaders. Vasundhara Raje can be seen in a typical Rajasthani dress of leheriya chiffon sarees and a ‘borla’ on her forehead during the election campaign. Jyotiraditya Scindia generally wears kurtas in the shades of blue with gamchha. On the other hand Narendra Modi delivers his powerful speech and different kurtas varying in colors from white to pistachio. Rahul Gandhi while campaigning is always seen in white kurta-pyjama and rolled up sleeves. Sometimes he also wears casual denims with kurtas. Many big political leaders are seen in safari suits, Nehru jacket and the attire which they think is right but never a pant shirt. Do you think that attire for campaign can fetch vote?

I feel that simple dress can help in making a connection with general public as it creates a feeling of oneness. This can work once or twice but not everytime. Your meeting with general public and even votes depend upon your work not attire. But undoubtedly attire of the politicians should be simple and not flashy. I was quite surprised to read that politicians also prepare for the elections like exam. They learn how to dress, talk, and face the public. Even dress designers design the clothes of politicians. Madhav Agasti, a Mumbai based dress designer is popular for designing clothes for our leaders. He designs kurtas, jackets, and bandghalas for many prominent leaders like L. K. Advani, Nitin Gadkari, Shahnawaz Hussain (BJP), Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde (Congress) etc. Politicians nowadays prefer much variety than simple kurta pyjamas like combination of pant and jacket is also in.

When did politicians start wearing kurta pyjama? Wearing kurta pyjama might be after non-cooperation movement that was initiated with an aim to boycott foreign goods and to promote Indian products. As a part of the movement, Congress leaders at that time had sacrificed their western attires and wore simple khadi kurta pyjama. So possibly this is still there and politicians are following the dress code. But do you think attire can improve the vote count?


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