General Elections 2014 – Day 13

Modi Vs Kejriwal
One Needs A Safe Seat and The Other Needs A Setting-up
Modi Vs Kejriwal
One Needs A Safe Seat and The Other Needs A Setting-up

For hardly working politicians these are busy days, everyone ensured that festival of Holi was used for political gains to the extent possible. After yesterday’s bold statements Rahul Gandhi was bound to remain in news and his protectiveness did reap him good column centimetres and television coverage. Arun Jaitley was first off the mark and made typical political statements like “Rahul Gandhi is cut off from reality and Congress is a sinking leader and even their prominent leaders are running away”. Kumar Vishwas also decided to chip some more shine off Rahul Gandhi by insisting that Rahul Gandhi is not only going to lose, but he is going to lose heavily.

Nationalist Congress Party finds itself in a difficult situation, they remain a part of UPA but their founder and leader Sharad Pawar is hinting that his options are open. Pawar Sahib went on record saying that personally he shares a great equation with Narendra Modi. Not satisfied with the weight of his own statement he decided to give a clean chit to Narendra Modi in another statement a few hours later. While Pawar was busy opening doors with Narendra Modi, his party was busy recruiting people from Shiv Sena and considering tickets for them. Uddhav Thackeray has reasons to become like his father, a man who was dreaded more than respected.

BJP has shared their caste calculations with public. They have said that population of Delhi comprises of seven major vote banks and they have fielded one candidate from each of those. Baniyas, Punjabis, Brahmins, Jaats, Gujjars, Purvanchalis and Dalits. Of course by default it means that they know South Indians, Christians, Muslims and Sikhs are not likely to vote for them and hence they just don’t exist for them.

DMK super boss K. Karunanidhi’s son Alagiri isn’t calling it quits, neither from party nor from politics. It looks like he has some ideas, his kind words about Modi Ji being a a good administrator are being interpreted by scores of political analysts as his contemplating changing his political preferences.  While at it, Alagiri also acted as an oracle and predicted a rout for DMK in coming elections.

There is at least one Congress candidate who is sure of his victory, Nandan Nilekani. Nilekani increased his people to people engagement through cricket. No, he didn’t get any cricketer to bat for him, he decided to give it a go himself. He must be feeling good seeing his photograph of holding bat, standing all set to hit a six making it to the front page of leading newspapers.

Anna Hazare continued distancing himself from TMC, latest from him is that he is looking at striking an alliance with NOTA, he wants people to seriously exercise None Of The Above option in coming elections. He has been honest in his deposition, so be it.

Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi remained in news through the day. Two questions have emerged: Did Narendra Modi actually need a safe seat?  And –  Why Kejriwal must contest against Modi? Nobody is saying that Kejriwal would win, what people are saying is despite his  certain loss, just his standing against Modi would bring in hundreds of rewards. If he decides to contest, he clearly emerges as the second most talked about politician in the country, pushing Rahul Gandhi to third position. Not many in the BJP are willing to give a candid answer to why Modi Ji should contest from two seats and waste so much of public money. Answers being given by BJP have so much fluff that finding substance is impossible. This is also true with answer being given by his detractors too. Truth lies somewhere between these two view points, Modi Ji is  surely a worried man and he wants to play to the gallery and also its is important to let his credentials be established beyond his state.

Meanwhile, Modi ji’s & BJP’s IT cell has lot of damage control on hand,  Wikileaks has gone on record saying that the statement saying “Modi was incorruptible” was never made by him and it is fake. Wikileaks has further said that there is no hint of that statements in documents they have leaked. To add insult to injury, The Hindu has released damaging Wikileaks documents which clearly define Modi as “an insular,  distrustful person who rules with a small group of advisors”. Now BJP is going all over the lace saying that they don’t need any certificates from Wikileaks or their founder. Mess gets messier, right?

News just came in that Odisha Congress is in for more trouble, after losing their leader of opposition to BJD, a week back, they are now glaring at possibility of K.P. Singh Deo, five-time Lok Sabha MP and now representing Odisha in Rajya Sabha calling it quits too. Arun Jaitley must be in a big self-congratulatory mode, Congress is a sinking ship and all that.

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