Haryana declares Dadri as 22nd district of the state

Dadri - New District of Haryana

Dadri - New District of Haryana

On 18th September, 2016, Manohar Lal Khattar announced that Dadri would now come to be known as a district. With this declaration, Dadri would become the twenty-second district in the state. The Chief Minister of Haryana has also announced that the state government would start the process to complete the district status for Dadri. It is expected that once it becomes a district the process of development in Dadri would become quicker. According to Khattar, Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (RSS) has been regarding it as a district from 1992 onwards. Incidentally, this was the time when it had appointed representatives for the subdivision much in the same way as it appoints representatives a district.

Criticism of previous governments

At that time Khattar was one of the RSS representatives in Dadri. The previous governments that have administered the state have been criticized, as usual, by the present Chief Minister. He questioned the very logic behind awarding district status to areas such as Panchkula, Yamunanagar and Palwal, while ignoring Dadri. He indirectly accused them of being afraid to make Dadri a district as well.

Development projects in Dadri

Khattar also stated that in the last couple of years – when BJP has been at the helm of things – development projects to the tune of INR 112 crore have been done in the constituency. The Chief Minister has already inaugurated nine more projects that are worth INR 45 crore. This includes projects such as water pipeline and pedestrian lanes.

New districts in the pipeline

The state government of Haryana has already formed a sub-committee that is supposed to deal with reorganizing districts, tehsils, and subdivisions. This sub-committee has suggested a couple more subdivisions to be turned into districts – Gohana and Hansi. However, one feels that the aforementioned subdivisions may not be so lucky this time around.

Reaction of common people

Radhe Shyam, Sarpanch of the village named Bond Khurd in Charkhi Dadri, has expressed the happiness of the people. They now expect that their problems such as water shortage, road connectivity, and electricity – it never seemed like there would be any solution to these problems previously – would perhaps now be solved.

Reaction of political opponents

Bhupinder Singh Hooda, the erstwhile Chief Minister of Haryana – part of the group criticized by Khattar – has welcomed the decision to award the status of district to Dadri. He has pointed out that it was Congress that had prepared the plan and proposal to make this happen, perhaps implying that BJP is merely picking up the scraps and resorting to a game of political one-upmanship. Hooda has stated clearly that the focus right now should only be on development and not on politics.

Shaping Haryana

Haryana was formed on 1st November, 1966 by dividing Punjab. At that time, it had seven districts. Following were the original districts:

  • Ambala
  • Gurgaon
  • Hisar
  • Jind
  • Karnal
  • Mahendergarh
  • Rohtak

The following districts were added between 1971 and 1980:

  • 1972 – Sonepat and Bhiwani
  • 1973 – Kurukshetra
  • 1975 – Sirsa
  • 1979 – Faridabad

The following districts were added between 1981 and 1990:

  • 1989 – Rewari, Kaithal, and Panipat
  • 1990 – Yamunanagar
  • The following districts were added between 1991 and 2000:
  • 1995 – Panchkula
  • 1997 – Fatehabad and Jhajjar

Mewat became a district in 2005 and Palwal became a district in 2008.

Stats of Dadri

As of now, the population of Dadri stands at 5 lakh people. It has 170 villages that have been divided into three blocks – Charkhi Dadri, Badhra, and Bond Kalan.

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