Will Narendra Modi deliver what he had promised?

PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi and the BJP’s victory in Lok Sabha elections has shaken every political party in India, including the Congress. Modi’s large-scale pre-election rallies boosting the development in Gujarat contributed to this thunderous success. With this win, the Indian stock market surged to touch its greatest high and the value of the rupee improved against the US dollar. All credit goes to one man: Narendra Modi.

Modi is a great strategist. This is not the first time he played a key role in the BJP during elections. In the 1995 Gujarat assembly elections, he displayed the same management skills and made the party win those elections. Though the face of the party at that time was Shankarsingh Vaghela and Keshubhai Patel, but the credit of the victory went to Modi for his farsightedness and astute management. This time also he began rallies near about eight months before the Lok Sabha elections, with the mission of 272+ seats. He is a man who is capable of achieving what he aims at. The BJP won 336 seats in this Lok Sabha election. With the same quality he can take India towards the path of development.

Another quality that makes Modi the most suitable choice is his passion for development. Tall promises and claims are made by every political party before elections but never followed up. A vast population of India is still living below the poverty line and is underprivileged. When Modi became the CM of Gujarat he had a completely destroyed Bhuj, an earthquake-stricken city in front of him. He reconstructed Bhuj and because of his vision, the Gujarat Reconstruction Program was regarded as one of the best programs on the world map.

Narendra Modi not only has great leadership qualities but is also the most desired political leader in India at present. He has experimented a lot in Gujarat. In the report by the US Congressional Research Service (CRS), Gujarat has been declared as the state having the most effective governance under the leadership of Modi. He is the only one currently who can implement his experience to the rest of the nation. India will be a totally different country after few years under the leadership of Modi.

Narendra Modi is a visionary and has a vision to make India a manufacturing power. He has proposed the idea of creating hundreds of new cities in India, and taking up the cumbersome task of cleaning the holy river Ganges. Prafull Goradia wrote about Modi’s unique style of governance by management and administration by objectives. These words can be taken as his commitment to complete the defined task. As a CM of Gujarat, he provided a very accountable, transparent and clean government. It is expected that he will present the same show as Prime Minister of India.

Though a lot of optimism is associated with Modi, his personality is not free from dark clouds. He is called a hardliner Hindu Nationalist who will promote Hindutva at any cost. Second is the irreparable dent caused by the riots of 2002. Though he has been given a clean-chit by the Supreme Court but still lots of questions on his involvement in the Hindu-Muslim riots of 2002 keep cropping up. At the time of riots, Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat.

But indeed Modi is a great administrator. Narendra Modi has a huge fan following not only in Gujarat but across India. He has retained the chair of chief minister of Gujarat for three consecutive terms and worked as a lone warrior. In a research conducted by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Gujarat has been ranked number one in the Economic Freedom Index.

More than anything else, Narendra Modi will have a free hand because of the comfortable majority in the Lok Sabha. It is expected that he will work for the welfare of India and steer clear of communal politics or minority politics. In his inclusive model of governance everyone will be benefited.

I think Narendra Modi will deliver what he had promised. What do you think? Will he be able to do so or not? Will we be having an altogether a different, developed India after five years or not?


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