Mind of a confused voter

There is a saying when you can’t beat them, then join them. Well, Lok Sabha polls or for that matter any elections seem all confusing to me. Now before drawing any conclusions and thinking that I am being an ignorant person saying like this in the largest democracy in the world, please understand what I mean here. Like many people in our country I am dragged in the fold of election frenzy. Whether we like it or not we are fed everyday with liberal doses of election news. And what that news is all about? It relates to who said what, who left one party, who is crying over one seat and not ready to fight from another. In the melodrama which unfolds everyday I am bit confused. Should I delve deeply and try to understand what is actually going on? Or should I stay aloof? Will I will be allowed to do so? So I thought let me try to understand the political game which is played much in the spirit of Twenty-20 matches. Everyday there is intense drama, death overs and whatever that characterizes the instant breed of game.

So what are the choices in front of me. Yes of course I know there is a lotus wave, there is hand wave and there is  a broom wave. Point is which wave will work for this country? Or we will be trapped in the waves? Why my mind always tells me you have no option but to go for NOTA. Such a sad state. Either my mind has stopped working or there is something amiss.

Can we continue with the same government which ruled us for a decade? Answer comes, no. Can we think of a coalition government where the main party’s members fight among themselves for seats where they will fight elections? Answer is again, no? Then there is emerging third party which is a novice but making lot of noise here and there. What do I do? Whom should I vote? I listen to the news, analysis and it confuses me more. Also I don’t know who all will ultimately form the government if there is no single largest party. Who all will be the allies and eventually what would be the shape of the government.

So my mind remains confused. But there is no solution to it. I will have to cast my vote in this confused state.

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